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2020-06-29  |  

Household water consumption [Photo via]

1. How to charge?

Beijing's residential water consumption is subject to ladder water price. The annual water consumption of residential households is divided into three ladders and the price increases to a higher step. The price of water for the first ladder is CNY ¥5 per cubic meter for water consumption which is under 180 cubic meters; the price of water for the second ladder is CNY ¥7 per cubic meter for water consumption which is between 181 and 260 cubic meters; the price of water for the third ladder is CNY ¥9 per cubic meter for water consumption that is above 260 cubic meters. 


· The scope of ladder water price?

The scope of ladder water price is for all the residential customers in this city who have recording meters. In principle, the residential users shall be defined as dwellings, one house property certification takes the dwelling as a unit; if there is no house property certification, the unit shall be defined that the water supply enterprises install water-meters to the residential users.

· How to charge for multiperson households water who is under large water consumption?

For households with a larger population, resulting in an increase in water consumption, a sub-meter should be installed if they meet the conditions; for households that do not meet the sub-meter installation conditions and the population is above 6 (including 6), each household for each additional person, the water base of each step of the ladder increases by 30 cubic meters each year, the annual ladder of water radix increases by 30 cubic meters respectively, which should be proved by water supply enterprises according to the user's hukou (household register ) or the actual proof of residence provided by the residence (village) committee, ensuring the ladder and price of water directly.

· How to charge, when residents who are not eligible for one meter per household or are unable to take a meter to their household?

The ladder water price will not be implemented for the time being, and the water price will be implemented as the first ladder price level.

2. How to pay?

Users can pay through 17 real-time networking bank counters, self-service payment machines, online bank, telephone bank, ICBC and Alipay to pay in advance automatically, and they can also pay for the water bills at the networking counters of the Water Groups. There are 17 banks for collecting water bills in the urban area: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Everbright Bank, Postal Savings Bank, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, China CITIC Bank, Bank of Beijing, Huaxia Bank, Rural Commercial Bank , Guangfa Bank, Ping An Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Industrial Bank.

3. How to call for repair?

Call Customer Service Hotline of the Beijing Water Supply Group at "(8610)96116" to repair.