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2020-06-29  |  


Home heating [Photo via]

Beijing heating application hotline: (8610)89150609

How to charge?

The heating cost of urban central heating network is CNY ¥24 per building square meter per heating season. The price of fuel oil (diesel), gas (natural gas, gas) and electric boiler used for civil heating for each heating season is CNY 30 per building square meter.

The charging price of heating metering for residential buildings is a two-part system, which are the basic heating price and the metering heating price. Basic heat price: according to the building area, the basic heat price of residential buildings supplied by the city central heating network is CNY ¥12 per building square meter per heating season;

The basic heat price of residential buildings supplied by gas, oil and electric boilers is CNY ¥18 per square meter per heating season. Metering price: the price is CNY ¥0.16 per kilowatt hour (equivalent to CNY ¥44.45 per GJ).

How to pay the bill?

At present, Beijing Thermal Power Group Co. LTD collects heating fee through a variety of channels:

(1) Users download the "Palm Heat" APP on their mobile phones to pay the heating fee;

(2) Users pay real-time heat fee through the online bank of ICBC and China CITIC Bank;

(3) Users pay heat fee in real time through Alipay;

Login Alipay, click the city service > life payment > heating fee, enter the home address, user number according to the prompt to complete the payment.

(4) Users pay heat fee through Wechat;

Click "Wallet" on the WeChat interface to enter "City service", and select "Beijing heating fee payment" in "life payment". After entering 12 user codes, payment can be made.

(5) Door-to-door charging;

(6) Heat fee is charged by Beijing heat charging outlets;

(7) Any branch of a cooperative bank within the scope of Beijing shall pay the heat fee. The specific bank is as follows:

ICBC, Bank of Communications,China Construction Bank, Huaxia Bank, China Citic Bank,Bank of Beijing, SPD Bank,Ping An Bank, China Minsheng Bank, PSBC,CGB,ABC,China Everbright Bank.

(8) All the bank teller machines with "unionpay" signs in Beijing can also collect heat fees.

Time limit for payment

From May 1 to December 31 every year, first party shall pay second party the heating fee in full for this heating season (November 15 of that year to March 15 of the following year). If the payment is not made within the time limit or in full amount, the overdue liquidated damages for the overdue part will be calculated and collected from January 1 of the next year.

Heating time

The heating period of Beijing is from November 15 to March 15 of the next year. City People's Government may adjust the heating period according to case-by-case conditions.

How much should the indoor temperature reach?

During the heating period, for houses that meet the requirements of the current national residential design code, the heating unit should ensure that the room temperature of the user's bedroom and living room (hall) meet the temperature requirements of the current national residential design code, but due to emergencies or user responsibilities Except for normal heating and heating.

During the heating period, under normal weather conditions, for houses that meet the requirements of the current national housing design specifications, or houses that have been modified by building envelopes and heating systems, Party B shall ensure that the temperature of Party A's bedroom and living room is not lower than 18 ℃; For the houses without the reconstruction of the building envelope or the heating system, when the average daily outdoor temperature is above -7 ℃, the temperature of the bedroom and living room should not be lower than 18 ℃, and the average daily outdoor temperature is lower than -7 ℃, above -9 ℃ (inclusive), the temperature in the bedroom and living room should not be lower than 16 ℃.

If the outdoor average daily temperature is lower than -9 ℃, and the indoor temperature of the heating user's bedroom and living room does not reach the agreed standard, the heating unit is exempted from liability for breach of contract, but corresponding proof should be provided.

What are the conditions for applying for the suspension of heat?

On the premise of not affecting the normal heating of other users and the safety of shared heating facilities, users with a separate household heating system type can negotiate with the heating unit and agree on matters such as the suspension of heating time and the payment of basic expenses. And heat supply can be suspended by the heating unit.

How is the basic fee for suspension of heat?

If Beijing has regulations on basic expenses, it shall be implemented according to regulations; if there are no regulations, the basic expenses for each heating period shall be paid at 60% of the "total heating fee" in the signed contract.

Can users dismantle or modify the indoor shared heating facilities?

The user shall not dismantle or modify the indoor shared heating facilities, expand the heating area or increase the heat dissipation equipment. The user's decoration of the house shall not affect the heating effect or hinder the normal maintenance of the facility.

How do I complain about problems?

Users who have heating problems can complain to Beijing Thermal Power's customer service number (8610)96069. At the same time, the heating service units at all levels under Beijing Thermal Power also have service numbers to facilitate users to file repair complaints. In addition, users can also request for repairs through the "Beijing Thermal" Weibo, "Beijing Thermal Customer Service" WeChat public account, and the "Palm Heat" APP.