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On May 16, the first comprehensive water quality report of the Miyun Reservoir in 2022 was released. The report shows that the reservoir's water remains classified as Class II according to China's Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water, the optimal result maintained by the reservoir for years. [Photo via The Beijing News]

On the morning of May 16, several technicians from the Water Environment Monitoring Center of the Miyun Reservoir Management Office depart from the dam to collect water samples at nine spots. [Photo via The Beijing News]

The water quality monitoring ship comesacross a water quality monitoring speedboat on the surface of the water at the Miyun Reservoir. [Photo via The Beijing News]

Four water sampling spots for the water quality monitoring ship include the main dam of the Bai River, entry point of the Bai River, theHeng River, and east of the Miyun Reservoir. The photo shows staff workingon the water quality monitoring ship. [Photo via The Beijing News]

One of the samples collected from the four spots looks very clear. [Photo via The Beijing News]

A technician puts a multiparameter water quality meter into the water for monitoring. [Photo via The Beijing News]

A technician dredges samples of algae from the waterat the Miyun Reservoir. [Photo via The Beijing News]

A sample of algae contained in a sample bottle [Photo via The Beijing News]

The water scape of the Miyun Reservoir [Photo via The Beijing News]

(Source: The Beijing News)