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According to the current requirements in place regarding COVID-19 containment, individuals hailing from medium and high- risk areas, as well as cities contained within such areas, are not allowed to enter Beijing. If you are visiting or returning to Beijing, please verify your travel history as soon as possible.

If you have different cell phone numbers linked to the Health Kit on WeChat and Alipay, you must complete your travel history verification using both cell phone numbers.

You can change your cell phone number in the personal center of the Health Kit. The cell phone number you have linked must be changed on the platform to which it was originally linked (i.e. mobile numbers linked to the Health Kit on WeChat must be changed using WeChat, and likewise for Alipay). 

To ensure the Health Kit runs smoothly, be sure to use the Health Kit to change your cell phone number at least 14 days before your travel history verification.

If you are visiting or returning to Beijing, you are still required to declare and verify your travel history within 14 days of unlinking your cell phone number. After unlinking your cell phone number, it will remain displayed (grayed out) in the personal center for 14 days, after which it will be deleted.

To change your mobile number on WeChat:

- Under Health Kit → Personal Center, click the mobile number featuring the editing icon. A pop-up window for linking the mobile number will appear.

- If the number being linked is your frequently used mobile number, you can simply click "Allow".

- If not, please click "Use Other Mobile Number" to add your frequently-used mobile number.

To change your mobile number on Alipay:

- Click on Me→Settings→Account and Security→Mobile Number→Change Mobile Number

- After changing your mobile number on Alipay, the number on your Health Kit will be changed automatically.