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2021-04-08  |  

On April 4, five mobile vaccination vehicles were launched to provide fast and convenient door-to-door vaccination services for local residents in Xicheng District of Beijing.

The vaccination vehicles have been transformed according to standards and also undergone strict disinfection measures. The vehicle body is printed with striking vaccination slogans, and the two doors serve as the entrance and the exit respectively, with a full coverage of the monitoring system. Inside the vehicle, there is an inoculation area and a cold chain logistics area, along with air purification and disinfection equipment.

Outside the vehicle, the waiting area, registration area, informed consent area, and observation area are sensibly divided, along with clearly visible one-meter line and route markings.

The vaccination procedure is simple. People who come to get vaccinated only need to register using their identification information at the mobile vaccination site, have their temperature taken, and then sign the COVID-19 vaccination notice of consent. After completing these steps, they can get on the vehicle to be vaccinated in accordance with all relevant regulations.