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2021-03-24  |  

A recent report shows that Beijing ranks first among the "Cities of Opportunities", followed by Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, according to a comprehensive evaluation over 47 surveyed cities in China. The 2021 "Cities of Opportunities" report was jointly released on March 19, 2021 by the China Development Research foundation under the Development Research Center of the State Council and PwC China.

The "Cities of Opportunities" report was first released in 2014 and eight issues has been published so far. In 2021, the survey has expanded to cover 47 cities, including multiple central and node cities within China's major urban agglomerations and metropolitan areas. The report is based on observation and evaluation over the selected cities across 58 variables in 10 dimensions, including economic growth, society and livelihood, urban infrastructure, natural environment, population, city governance and influence, etc.

According to the report, the top four cities are still Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Beijing scores the highest points at 2109, Shanghai 2094, Shenzhen 2088, and Guangzhou comes in fourth at 2062.

The report also analyzes the advantages of Beijing from different dimensions. In terms of technological maturity, Beijing leads other cities in innovation with a variety of innovation entities and advanced innovation strengths, ranking the first place in the quantity of high-tech enterprises, third in mobile internet, sixth in penetration rate of new energy vehicles. As for economic influences, Beijing has notable economic influence with the highest ranking in the quantity of well-known enterprises and in the volume of deposits and loans of financial institutions, ranking third in the percentage of tertiary industries.

In transportation and urban planning, the capital has been recognized with outstanding transportation capacity and efficiency of operations for its third ranking in transport by car and second in bus transit system, while topping over others in green coverage. And when it comes to culture and quality of life, Beijing boasts abundant public cultural resources, and has the largest number of workers in the cultural industry, ranking fifth in the quantity of cinemas and third in library collections according to the report.

(Note: Content source is from Beijing Daily.)