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2021-03-23  |  

Beijing is slated to build 26 leisure parks, four urban forests, and a number of small green spaces and mini-parks in 2021. One hundred kilometers of new green pathway will be interconnected with the city's slow transportation and "Blue Network" water systems. In addition, 3,715 mu (about 248 hectares) of land will be vacated and reclaimed for greenification. The green coverage rate for a 500-meter radius will rise to 87 percent citywide.

Beijing will also focus on building an "ecological belt surrounding Beijing" in the city's south, adding 30,000 mu (about 2,000 hectares) of forest and green spaces in Daxing, Fengtai and Fangshan districts. In the north, the city will implement a new series of action plans to increase green space for the residential Huilongguan and Tiantongyuan neighborhoods. In low mountainous areas, selected mountains will be greenified at a faster pace and the ecological restoration of abandoned mines will be advanced. Meanwhile, 89,200 mu (about 5,947 hectares) of forest will be established and connected with other new and existing forest resources. Thus will the structure of green ecological spaces continually improve in accordance with Beijing's new urban master plan.

(Note: Content source is from Beijing Daily.)