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Information Office of Beijing Municipality
2021-02-17  |  

Surprises and intresting videos on Spring Festival charms and touching Chinese stories have been prepared for the first seven days of Year of the Ox 2021. Produced by the Information Office of Beijing Municipality, the 7-episode video series, "I am in Beijing for Spring Festival" tells the stories about seven people of different nationalities and in different trades who spend Spring Festival 2021 in Beijing. In the video clips, these people are interviewed by foreign reporters to share their life and work experiences and stories about Spring Festival.

Here is the 6th episode: Charity Volunteer: Beijing feels like home to me.

Josh Dominick, from upstate New York of the US, works as a volunteer in a non-profit organization to help people with paraplegia by organizing outdoor activities like rock climbing, swimming, surfing and cycling. Josh has been living in Beijing for 20 years. In his mind, Beijing is a soulful place like home to rest his complex. He plans to spend this Spring Festival with a few Chinese friends. They will eat dumplings and watch the Spring Festival Gala together. Josh's favorite is leek dumplings. "Making dumplings just needs more practice like anything else." He hopes that the dumplings he makes this year will not fall apart.