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"I am in Beijing for Spring Festival", the 7-episode video series produced by the Information Office of Beijing Municipality, is presented to audience at home and abroad via multiple channels in the first seven days of Year of the Ox 2021.

"I am in Beijing for Spring Festival" video series tells the stories about seven people of different nationalities and in different trades who spend Spring Festival 2021 in Beijing. In the video clips, these people are interviewed by foreign reporters to share their life and work experiences, stories about Spring Festival, and expectations for future.

The interviewees include Song Yan, head of Beijing Fenglei Peking Opera Troupe with 44 years' performance experience, Jiang Wei, a delivery man from Meituan, Liu Wei, a doctor from the Infection Department in the First Hospital of Tsinghua University, Yang Jiaxi (nicknamed Qiuqiu), an ice-hockey player, Loren, a partner of Mexican restaurant Qmex, Josh, a volunteer helping people with disabilities, and Karim who is engaged in biodiversity conservation.

People in Beijing have answered the government's call to stay put during Spring Festival 2021 and contributed their shares to the prevention and control of COVID-19. The arrangements have fostered new customs such as home delivery of Spring Festival purchases and New Year greetings via video call.

The bilingual video series showcases an authentic Beijing with newest and best elements, as well as resilient and humanistic features to the world. It also provides excellent opportunity to spread Spring Festival culture and tell Chinese stories to the world through extensive social media and media networks.

Here is the 1st episode: Delivery Man: Mom and dad, see you next Spring Festival!

Jiang Wei, from Shandong Province, is a delivery man from Meituan. He delivers meal to customers by electric bike every day. This Spring Festival, he and his colleagues choose to stay in Beijing instead of going back home for the sake of pandemic prevention and control. According to the incentives, he will receive extra bonus for continuing meal deliveries during the holiday period. "I hope I can earn more money this year. I wish my parents good health and I will see them next Spring Festival for sure," said Jiang Wei in the video.