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2021-02-10  |  

Starting February 6, Beijing Public Transport Corporation is rolling out dedicated effort in the standardization of bus stop boards. Bus stop boards, signs within buses, and route information will be updated gradually in batches. In total, the project will affect 1,683 bus stations and 843 bus station names will be updated. 

As of February 6, the "Forbidden City" station outside the Gate of Divine Prowess (Shenwumen) has been renamed "Shenwumen" station. The new name is now reflected on map apps as well. The bus routes stopping at Shenwumen station are No.101, No.103, No.109, No.124, No.128, No.13 (night line), and No.58.

"We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused in the periods when a station's old name and new name appear simultaneously on different bus stop boards," said the person in charge of the project from Beijing Public Transport Corporation.

In addition, voice announcements for stations and in-bus display information will be successively updated prior to April 30.

(Note: Content source is from Beijing Daily.)