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(No.7 [2008] of the Department of Finance of the Ministry of Education)

The Education Departments (Commissions) of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the Education Departments (Bureaus) of the relevant agencies (units), and the relevant Institutions of Higher Learning:

In recent years, as Chinese economy has experienced smooth and rapid development, and great progress has been made in the reform and opening-up, China's international status and influence of China have been significantly improved, the appeal of China to foreign students has become greater and greater, the number of foreign students coming to China has been on the rise, a host of youngsters who understand China and love Chinese culture have been fostered internationally, and an important bridge for friendship between China and other countries has been set up. With the sustainable development of the Chinese economy, the number of foreign students receiving Chinese government scholarships to study in China will continuously increase. To show the Chinese government's care for the foreign students, it has been decided, after discussion, that the standards of living expenses covered by Chinese government scholarships for foreign students will be adjusted, as enabled by the state financial resources and in full consideration of the living needs of foreign students and factors causing the recent rising prices. We hereby notify you of the specific matters as follows:

1. From January 1, 2008, the standards of living expenses for foreign students receiving full Chinese government scholarship to study in China shall be adjusted as: 1,400 yuan per month for an undergraduate student or a visiting student in the Chinese language program, 1,700 yuan per month for a candidate for a master's degree or an ordinary visiting student, and 2,000 yuan per month for a candidate for a doctoral degree or a senior visiting student.

The relevant institutions of higher learning shall, after receipt of this Notice, retroactively provide the additional living expenses from January 1, 2008 to the scholarship students studying in the institutions.

2. For a new scholarship student enrolled after January 1, 2008, if the duration of studies in China reaches one academic year, a one-time settlement allowance of 1,500 yuan shall be provided to the student in the first month; if the duration of studies in China is less than one academic year, a one-time settlement allowance of 1,000 yuan shall be provided to the student in the first month.

3. In December 2007, the Ministry of Education reviewed and appropriated the living expenses of scholarship students for the academic year of 2007-2008 to all institutions of higher learning which receive scholarship students.

4. The relevant institutions shall do a good job in the publicity and education. The substantial increase of the standards of living expenses for scholarship students by the Chinese government fully shows the solicitude and care of the Chinese government has extended to foreign students. It is hoped that the foreign students will cherish their precious opportunities and time, abide by the school disciplines and study hard to become the talents with a good understanding of China, to make academic achievements and to contribute to the building of their respective countries.

Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China

June 4, 2008

(All information in this document is authentic in Chinese. English is provided for reference only. In case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version shall prevail.)