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2021-05-13  |  

The 2021 Beijing Chinese Rose Culture Festival will commence on May 18, with a variety of cultural and recreational activities to be celebrated in 11 exhibition zones including the Temple of Heaven Park and the Beijing Botanical Garden. As the main site of this event, Daxing District will host various thematic activities such as the naming of newly discovered rose species, rose planting in communities, and Chinese rose-themed painting and calligraphy.

Chinese roses, which usually bloom from April to November, symbolize elegance, friendship, and peace. With that being said, Beijing is an ideal place for these flowers to be observed. Being widely planted along the ring roads, the rose, along with chrysanthemum are recognized as the flowers of the city.

It has been said that the second, third, fourth and fifth ring roads, stretching up to 250 kilometers throughout the city, could resemble "Chinese rose necklaces" due to the prevalence of flowers. According to statistics, over 20 million Chinese roses appear in various green areas such as parks, streets, alleyways, and dwellings around Beijing to enhance the temperament and aesthetic appeal of the city.

(Note: Content source is from The Beijing News.)