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Jing Shi Jian Fa [2020] No. 37

All departments involved:

To thoroughly implement the principles of the decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on deepening the doing business reform, the Circular on relevant work of continuing to improve the start-up efficiency and promote the contactless whole-process online handling services in line with world-class standards is hereby issued:

I. Promote "online handling" for starting a business to "avoid contact"

We will "handle all matters through a unified online platform" for starting a business. All departments should disclose the website of the online service hall , the login path and process of the real-name verification system through the network, media, advertising screen and other means, and encourage the market entities in Beijing to apply for handling the business license certificate, tax-related matters, employees' "Five Insurances and Housing Fund" and other businesses online through the "E-window" online service system and APPs. We will enhance efforts to guide enterprises to download electronic business license certificates through mobile phones, and expand the application of electronic business license certificates, and realize that enterprises can process government affairs online with electronic business license certificates. We will optimize the telephone consultation services, and respond to problems encountered in online handling of business license certificates, so as to further facilitate the license issuance. Moreover, we will strictly observe the time limit requirements and improve the efficiency of registration.

II. Actively promote "contactless" tax handling

From March 16, 2020, new taxpayers who need to obtain general VAT invoices, electronic general VAT invoices and special VAT invoices will receive tax UKey for free, and obtain the general VAT invoices, electronic general VAT invoices, special VAT invoices, uniform invoices for the sale of motor vehicle and uniform invoices for the sale of second-hand cars through the Public Service Platform (Enhanced Version).

III. Continue to optimize the employees' social security participation procedures

We will, on the basis of achieving one-time declaration for business registration, take into full account the decentralized needs of enterprises in subsequent employment and provide integrated services, so as to free enterprises from separately logging onto the websites of social security, provident fund and other departments to submit employee information. After its incorporation, if the enterprise needs to recruit employees, the information on "Five Insurances and Housing Fund" collected from it will be input online and come into force immediately after the business handling is integrated into "E-window" system. No submission of paper materials or receipt of written certificates is required in employee information collection.

IV. Expand the coverage of mailing services

We will encourage the regions where has the conditions allowing to provide one-way or two-way mailing services for enterprises. For businesses required to be handled onsite at the service hall, enterprises can submit relevant application materials by mail. The government service window or relevant departments will issue the business license certificate, official seal and bill by mail to enterprises after  the review , in order to realize "no contact" and "zero meeting" in the handling process.

Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau
Beijing Municipal Tax Service, State Taxation Administration
Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau
Beijing Housing Fund Management Center
March 31, 2020