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Jing Gui Zi Fa [2020] No. 132

To all branches and municipal registration center:

The matters regarding further streamlining of inquiry service of real estate registration information are hereby notified as below in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations of Beijing on Optimizing Business Environment, in a bid to constantly optimize business environment, give full play to the publicity role of real right of real estate registration and improve the convenient services for individuals and businesses:

I. Further Expansion of the Inquiry Scope of Real Estate Registration Information

In addition to having the right to inquire such restricted condition information as real estate registration, mortgage registration and sequestration registration, anyone has been granted additionally the permission of inquiring the name of real state owner. By providing any kind of index information, including the location, ownership certificate number or unit number of real estate, anyone can inquire the information of the owner (legal person or unincorporated organizations) of the real estate with nonresidential purpose in terms of planning of utilization, as well as relevant cadastral maps, etc. The information involving state secrets is excluded.

II. Provision of Various Channels for Inquiry of Real Estate Registration Information

To further expand the channels for inquiry of real estate registration information, anyone, based on the query demand, can inquire real estate registration information as required by means of various channels, such as WeChat Official Account of "Beijing Real Estate Registration", the APP of "mobile registration center of Beijing real estate", "online service platform of Beijing real estate registration", the inquiry service of registration hall of each district and self-service inquiry machine.

This circular shall come into force as of April 28.

The Circular is hereby issued.

Appendix: 1. List of Inquiry Results of Real Estate Registration Information (Sample)
2. Parcel Maps (Sample)

Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources
April 22, 2020

(Contact: Ge Yujun of Registration Center; tel.: 55594826)

Appendix 1Notification of Real Estate Registration Information Query Result.docx.docx

Appendix 2 Parcel map.pdf.pdf