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Jing Jiao Xing Fa [2020] No. 1

To relevant organizations,

To continuously optimize the business environment in the field of highway maintenance bidding and tendering and simplify the conditions for the commencement of highway maintenance projects, the following matters are hereby stipulated:

I. Scope of application

The Circular only applies to projects that must be tendered for maintenance of ordinary national highways, municipal highways and county highways in this municipality.

II. Simplifying conditions for commencement

The winning bidder only needs to apply for a permit for road-occupying construction that affects traffic safety (hereinafter referred to as the "construction permit") before the commencement of construction. There's no need to get any other pre-construction permit or go through any approval procedures. The winning bidder may organize the construction right after obtaining the construction permit.

III. Streamlining approval materials

To apply for the construction permit, the winning bidder only needs to provide the written application for the construction permit, the project specification of the tendering organization (including the source of the project plan, the starting and ending point of the project, the content of the construction project, the bidding time, the winning bidder, the planned commencement time, the planned completion time, etc., with the official seal duly stamped), and the traffic organization plan during the construction period. No other written materials such as the construction contract are required.

IV. Shortening approval time

The municipal and district traffic management authorities should, after accepting the application materials, complete the preliminary examination, site survey and traffic organization scheme confirmation within 5 days, and issue the construction permit, without organizing any site survey.

V. Supporting measures

A follow-up service mechanism is established to improve the efficiency of approval and service quality. After receiving the notification of award, the winning bidder can start formulating the scheme of the application for the construction permit. During the formulation of the traffic organization plan, the tendering organization should initiate the follow-up service mechanism at the request of the winning bidder, call on the traffic management authority to guide and help the enterprise improve the quality of the plan, ensure the successful acceptance of the first submission, and grant the approval within the prescribed time limit.

Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport

Beijing Traffic Management Bureau

January 23, 2020

(Contact: Shen Anhong; Tel.: 83775346)