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Notice on Optimizing the Business Environment and Comprehensively Improving the Service Quality

To Beijing Electric Power Company, SGCC,
In order to optimize the business environment of the city, implement enterprises' main body responsibilities, further improve the access efficiency of power installation for power users and elevate the service quality, related requirements are hereby stipulated as follows:

I. Positively promote the implementation of the special service action of "Zero Visit, Zero Approval and Zero Investment", enhance the publicity and strengthen operational guidance, so as to timely make power users know and grasp the preferential policies related to "Three-zero" services.

II. Firmly set up the service concept, take the consulting matters of power users seriously and respond patiently, timely accept and seriously examine the access materials of power users to achieve closed -loop management, and give feedbacks on handling opinions in a timely manner.

III. Strengthen the record statistics of power installation, refine statistical contents, report the records (the handling time shall be highlighted) and the handling situation of power access to the city/district-level authority of the power industry.

IV. Strengthen the power installation management and formulate the quality grade evaluation system of power installation, the reward and punishment method for internal posts as well as the staff service assessment method, so as to gradually improve the service awareness and quality of corporate personnel via improving the assessment and evaluation system.

V. Intensify the enterprises' trainings, and grasp new policies, new requirements and new techniques, so as to comprehensively improve the service skills and quality of power installation and enhance the power users' sense of gain.

Beijing Municipal Commission of City Management
March 16, 2018