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Jing Guan Fa 〔2020〕No. 2

To Commissions of City Management, Commissions of Urban Planning and Natural Resources, Commissions of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Gardening and Greening Bureaus, Road Administrations and Traffic Detachments (Brigades) of all districts, and State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company,

The Circular is hereby issued to continuously optimize Beijing's business environment, improve Several Provisions on Optimizing the Examination and Approval Service for New Simple and Low Risk Construction Projects with Social Investment (Jing Zheng Ban Fa 〔2019〕 No. 10, hereinafter referred to as the Provisions), expand the range of target beneficiaries of the reform, and improve the efficiency and quality of low-voltage power access service in the city:

I. Expand the scope of application of low-voltage power access as specified in the Provisions

If Beijing-based enterprises need access to low-voltage power, any project that meets the requirements of "three zeros" (zero visit, zero approval and zero investment) is not required to go through any administrative approval procedures. State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company shall be responsible for the construction.

II. Define the scope of low-voltage power supply

Municipal power access projects in which the voltage is below 10 kV (exclusive), the installation capacity is no more than 160 kW, the pipeline length is no more than 150 m (the length of electric well is excluded), and the length of excavated road (urban road, highway) and temporarily occupied green land is less than 100 m.

Ⅲ . Strengthen supervision

All relevant authorities shall earnestly strengthen in-process and ex-post supervision in terms of the review of work plans, management of construction site, and acceptance of repair quality, and urge State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company to properly eliminate safety risks in time in accordance with laws and regulations, so as to ensure the safety of urban operation.

Ⅳ. Relevant requirements

(I) The Circular shall not apply road occupation and excavation projects involving "urban trunk roads, express roads and national/provincial trunk highways; occupation of the protection scope of forest woodland, ancient and famous trees (within extended 5 m of vertical projection of the crown), and trees and shrubs in urban green space (within the vertical projection of the crown), as well as cutting and moving of trees; occupation of the capital functional core area, occupation of the 30m-radius perimeter of confidential authorities, and adjacency to Chang'an Avenue and its extension line, the central axis and its extension line and Tian'anmen Square; new construction, expansion or reconstruction of urban roads which have been put into use for less than 5 years as well as overhaul repair of urban roads which have been completed for less than 3 years." State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company shall provide low-voltage power access services in strict accordance with the scope of application.

(II) State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company shall earnestly fulfill its responsibility as a work safety entity, assume overall management responsibility for the construction safety, construction quality and traffic safety of low-voltage power access projects, and implement whole-process work safety management on the construction site.

(III) State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company shall strengthen the communication and contact with transportation, public security, landscaping and urban management authorities. Before construction, it shall push the construction plan to the above authorities and the local authority having jurisdiction over the occupied land via the "One-stop Express" system of simple and low-risk projects with social investment. After the access conditions are met, State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company shall push relevant information to the housing and urban-rural development authority for joint acceptance, and make the construction contents public and transparent during the construction. State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company shall reach a consensus with the resource management and conservation authority on such issues as occupation and restoration before occupying the land. The excavation and occupation of roads (urban roads and highways) and the restoration of temporarily occupied green space shall strictly comply with relevant technical requirements such as the Technical Specifications for Urban Road Maintenance, the Technical Regulations for Road Excavation and Backfilling in Beijing, the Technical Standard of Highway Projects, the Design Specification for Highway Alignment, the Beijing Greening Regulations, the Code for the Construction and Acceptance of Landscape Projects, and the Road Traffic Signs and Markings—Part 4: Work Zone (GB 5768.4-2017). Roads and green spaces shall be restored according to standards.

(IV) Before excavation of roads (urban roads and highways), it is required to investigate the excavation route and the existing underground pipelines. The determined excavation route shall be parallel or perpendicular to the road direction, not inclined or curvilinear. During excavation or backfilling, protective measures shall be taken for the original pipeline facilities, without any damage to the original underground pipelines.

(V) Upon completion of a project, the construction entity shall collect the project archives in a timely manner and transfer the relevant hardcopy and electronic materials to the urban construction archives within 3 months.

Ⅴ. The Circular shall come into force as of the date of issuance.

Beijing Municipal Commission of City Management
Beijing Municipal Bureau of Government Affairs Service
Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning
and Natural Resources
Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport 
Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing
and Urban-Rural Development
Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau
Beijing Traffic Management Bureau
February 21, 2020

CC: Beijing Municipal Comprehensive Law-Enforcing Bureau of City Administration, Urban Administration Bureau of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area.