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In order to further optimize the financial and credit business environment in Beijing, enhance financial and credit services, strengthen innovation in financial and credit products, and develop a modern financial sector that matches Beijing's status as the capital of such a major country as China, the following opinions are proposed:

First, reduce financial credit costs

We shall standardize the fees and credit behaviors of financial institutions, promote the independent deduction and exemption of one or two items of fees and charges in banks registered and based in Beijing, and ensure that the overall level of fees and charges is reduced year by year. We shall reduce the guarantee cost of corporate financing, encourage financing guarantee institutions based in Beijing not to collect corporate customer deposits, when corporate customer deposits do need to be collected, financing guarantee institutions should ensure that they will be returned in a timely fashion once the loan is repaid. We shall vigorously develop financial leasing and commercial factoring and introduce low-cost international funds.

Second, reduce the review and approval time for financial credit

Banking financial institutions are encouraged to establish specialized financial credit classification, mass marketing, standardized loan review, and differentiated authorization mechanisms for small and micro enterprises of the same type. Industry self-regulatory organizations should invite industry experts and financial lawyers to form a credit advisory group so as to provide counseling on such issues as industry analysis, credit programs, and customer marketing difficulties for personnel in financial institutions responsible for review and approval, which should be conducted at least once a quarter so as to improve the efficiency of credit review and approval.

Third, create innovative green financial credit models

Banking regulators should regularly disclose green credit developments in the area on their website. Banking financial institutions are encouraged to develop fast-track credit review and approval for such projects as green, low-carbon, and circular economy. We shall guide financial institutions under the authority of Beijing Municipality in issuing green financial bonds and green credit asset-backed security (ABS). We shall promote the integration of corporate environmental information of the area into the basic database of financial credit information.

Fourth, extend collateral eligibility

We shall support banking financial institutions to vigorously develop environment-related services, including income rights, emission rights, and emission rights mortgage loans. We shall also promote the development of such pledge financing services as intellectual property rights and accounts receivable of banking financial institutions.

Fifth, offer customized financial services for small and micro enterprises

We shall promote banking institutions based in Beijing to conduct separate management and special performance appraisal of credit review and approval for small and micro enterprises, and setting such assessment indicators as the growth rate of loans for small and micro enterprises and the number of loan households according to the assessment requirements of regulatory authorities. Incentive policies shall also be developed for the credit business of small and micro enterprise, for small and micro enterprises under 5 million yuan in particular.

Sixth, improve the policy-based agricultural credit guarantee system

We shall establish an innovative mechanism featuring coordinated fiscal and financial support for agriculture, support the development of Beijing Agriculture Guarantee Co., Ltd, gradually expand the establishment of district-level agricultural credit guarantee affiliates, and complete the "full coverage" of all agriculture-related areas. We shall guide banking financial institutions in the area to pilot mortgage loans for operating rights of rural contracted land in Daxing District and Pinggu District, and carry out such operations as mortgage of agricultural production facilities.

Seventh, improve the efficiency of the provident fund credit audit

Through coordination, we shall promote the sharing of information on real estate ownership and mortgage registration between Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center and Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning and Land and Resources Management so as to improve the efficiency of loan approval.

Eighth, provide efficient service for the change of the provident fund loan registration

Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center shall send such information as the housing in question of housing provident fund loans to real estate registration departments. The real estate registration department will add the house mortgage registration mark or mortgage registration mark purchased by the loan based on relevant information sent by the Beijing Provident Fund Management Center. Information sharing: After the loan from the borrower is settled, the borrower does not need to go to the Municipal Housing Loan Guarantee Center or the trustee bank or real estate registration center to handle the relevant formalities for canceling the mortgage, so that the information is more likely to run and the people will run less.

Ninth, realize the one-stop service for chattel mortgage registration

Electronic services covering every step of the chattel mortgage registration process shall be gradually realized, through "filing in information via internet, reviewing via intranet, on-site submission, and one-stop service", facilitating banking financial institutions' mortgage financing service. Information on chattel mortgage registration shall be released to the public in a timely fashion through the national enterprise credit information disclosure platform so as to facilitate inquiries by the public. We shall actively cooperate with the piloting of the national unified "online chattel mortgage registration system" in Beijing.

Tenth, strengthen the collection and sharing of credit information

We shall promote the inclusion of such non-bank information as Beijing Provident Fund credit information, credit information of various credit institutions, and utility bills to the financial credit information basic database, and improve its integrity. We shall promote the linking of micro-credit company and financing guarantee companies in Beijing with the credit information system of the People's Bank of China.

Eleventh, realize the "one-stop" inquiry of social credit information

We shall improve and enrich the website services of "Credit Beijing" and Beijing Urban Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System. We shall also strengthen the interaction between banks and tax authorities and the cooperation between banks and enterprises.

Twelfth, encourage new developments in credit services

We shall promote the development of brand credit service agencies in Beijing that is leading in China, capable of applying technological innovation and has a strong credibility among the public.

Thirteenth, establish an internationally-oriented financial policy publicity platform

We shall coordinate policies on the development of and support for the financial sector between departments and in districts. We shall provide domestic and foreign investors with bilingual services in the website of "Capital Finance", including regional economic and financial development plans, policies and regulations, investment projects, and risk warnings so as to support the better implementation of such strategies as "going global" and "bringing in" by enterprises, and promote connectivity as well as exchanges and cooperation in the financial market and create more pathways and facilities for two-way investment.

Fourteenth, regulate financial enforcement

Relevant financial regulatory authorities should standardize the administrative law-enforcement on financial institutions. While practicing law-based administration and supervision, they are encouraged to conduct joint law-enforcement inspections so as to improve the effectiveness of supervision and reduce the impact on their business activities. We will fully carry out the administrative law-enforcement responsibility system, strictly implement the law-enforcement accountability mechanism, so as to maintain a fair and competitive financial credit business environment.

The Opinions shall come into effect from March 15, 2018.