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Announcement of Beijing Customs District, the People's Republic of China [2019] No. 18

To implement the customs management concept of "enterprise oriented and enterprises to goods", create a favorable credit environment featuring good faith, law compliance and win-win cooperation between customs and enterprises, and build a close and honest cooperative relationship between customs and enterprises, matters concerning the implementation of enterprise coordinator management by Beijing Customs District are hereby announced as follows in accordance with the Measures of the People's Republic of China for the Administration of Customs Enterprise Credit (Decree No. 237 of the General Administration of Customs) and the Announcement of the General Administration of Customs on Matters Concerning the Implementation of the Enterprise Coordinator Management (Announcement of the General Administration of Customs [2018] No. 181):

I. Enterprise coordinators of Beijing Customs District are customs staff selected by Beijing Customs District and they shall be responsible for the coordination of customs-related affairs between the customs and enterprises within the administrative scope of Beijing Customs District.

II. Enterprise coordinators of Beijing Customs District shall serve authorized economic operators (AEOs) registered in Beijing Customs District.

III. The Management Department of Beijing Customs District shall be the functional management authority supervising the work of enterprise coordinators, while the local customs shall be responsible for the specific implementation of enterprise coordinators' work.

IV. Enterprise coordinators shall provide the following services for enterprises:

1. Provide consulting services on customs policies, laws and regulations;

2. Hear and report reasonable appeals of enterprises;

3. Coordinate and solve difficult problems encountered by enterprises in handling customs affairs;

4. Solicit opinions and suggestions on customs administration;

5. Guide enterprises to improve standards and carry out publicity in the principles of good faith and law compliance;

6. Guide enterprises to cooperate with customs administration;

7. Manage other matters related to the cooperation between customs and enterprises.

V. Where enterprise coordinators need to work at enterprises' premises, the operation shall be carried out in pairs. They shall apply for withdrawal if there are circumstances that should be avoided according to the regulations.

VI. The customs shall disqualify an enterprise coordinator if the enterprise coordinator:

1. Commits acts of violation of law or discipline;

2. Seeks illegitimate interests for himself/herself or others in violation of the customs regulations on integrity;

3. Divulges state secrets, customs work secrets or enterprise trade secrets;

4. Abuses customs powers to require enterprises to handle matters unrelated to the cooperation between customs and enterprises;

5. Fails to perform his/her duties or unreasonably delays in addressing problems raised by enterprises;

6. Has no professional qualification for enterprise certification;

7. Is no longer fit to serve as an enterprise coordinator for other reasons.

VII. An enterprise shall designate a senior executive in charge of customs affairs as the contact person to be responsible for communicating with the customs.

VIII. Enterprises may apply for coordination with the customs and inquire relevant information through the WeChat official account "Beijing Customs Credit".

IX. The Announcement shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.

Beijing Customs District

December 13, 2019