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Beijing Customs District, the People's Republic of China Announcement 2019 No.4

In order to improve business environment in Beijing, drive the facilitation of cross-border trade, increase the predictability of enterprises' cost in carrying out cross-border trade, help enterprises to go through customs declaration in compliance and increase efficiency while reducing expenses, Beijing Customs District has implemented the reform of delegating power, improving regulation and optimizing services by focusing on the actual needs of import and export enterprises within the customs district, providing them with reference for product categorization. To this end, Beijing Customs District has developed and rolled out "Beijing Customs Categorization" - the public platform for product categorization information service. The relevant matters are hereby announced as below:

I. "Beijing Customs Categorization" - the public platform for product categorization information service includes: Three inquiry sections, i.e., "Customs Clearance Data" "Inquiry on Tariff" and "Other Inquiries" . Their functions are described as below:

1. "Customs Clearance Data" consists of over 320,000 pieces of information of the integrated customs clearance in the history of Beijing Customs District". The service platform has two retrieval modes: "key word search" and "combination search". Users can type in "key words" or more detailed "combination conditions" to retrieve relevant information on product categorization. The platform can feed up to 500 pieces of information at one time, including: Product name, specification and H.S. code.

The data provided in this section are only for users' reference and shall not be the legal basis for the customs to categorize products.

2. "Inquiry on Tariff" section provides the updated version of Customs Import and Export Tariff of the People's Republic of China of current year. Users can inquire import MFN tariff, general tariff, temporary tariff and export tariff as per 8-digit H.S.code of individual products.

3. "Other Inquiry" section includes: Five sub-sections, i.e., "National Major Products", Annotation to Tariffs, Annotation to Subtitles of China, Categorization Decision and Administrative Ruling on Categorization. Users can inquire for their needs.

II. Beijing Customs District will perform maintenance of the public platform on a regular basis and feed laws, regulations and knowledge related to product categorization.

III. Users can follow our official WeChat account "Beijing Customs Categorization" or visit and click to enter "Categorization Query Service" for query.

The Announcement is hereby issued.

Beijing Customs District

February 18, 2019