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Jing Gui Zi Fa [2019] No. 447

To relevant organizations,

To further implement the requirements of Circular on Printing and Distributing the Opinions on Improving the Examination and Approval Services for Simple and Low-risk Construction Projects (Jing Gui Zi Fa [2019] No. 439), and clarify the post review working methods of the survey and design quality in Circular on Strengthening Survey and Design Quality Supervision and Management and Optimizing and Perfecting the Management Mode of Construction Drawing Review (Jing Gui Zi Fa [2019] No. 161), the related matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. For internal renovation projects as well as new and expanded projects with the above ground building area of a single building smaller than 5,000 m2 and the underground building area smaller than 2,000 m2, the survey and design unit doesn't need to upload the drawings through Beijing Digital Review System, except for the crowded places and the special construction projects requested in Article 13 and Article 14 of Provisions on the Supervision and Administration of Fire Protection of Construction Projects (Decree No. 119 of Ministry of Public Security).

II. After the construction project starts, the commission will carry out a post review of survey and design quality every two months, the list of projects to be reviewed shall be obtained from the "One-stop Express" service system for simple and low-risk projects with social investment, and the commission shall notify the survey and design unit to submit the construction drawings design documents, and entrust a third party to review such documents. Among them, the spot check proportion of internal renovation projects shall be no less than 30%, and that for new and expanded projects shall be no less than 50%.

III. For illegal behavior found in post review, the commission will require the design unit to rectify and seriously deal with them according to relevant laws and regulations, and communicate the rectification situation to relevant regulatory departments.

Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources
December 11, 2019