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Jing Gui Zi Fa [2019] No. 439

To the People's Governments of all districts and all related commissions, offices and bureaus of Beijing Municipal government,
The Measures on Improving the Examination and Approval Services for Simple and Low-risk Construction Projects are now hereby issued and distributed to you upon the approval of the Municipal People's Government for implementation.
The Circular is hereby issued.

Appendix: Measures on Improving the Examination and Approval Services for Simple and Low-risk Construction Projects

Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources
Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform
Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology
Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance
Beijing Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment
Beijing Water Authority
Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage
Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau
Beijing Municipal Bureau of Government Affairs Service
Beijing Municipal Civil Air Defence Office
December 4, 2019

Measures on Improving the Examination and Approval Services for Simple and Low-risk Construction Projects

For the purpose of improving the Regulations on Optimizing the Examination and Approval Service for New Simple and Low Risk Construction Projects with Social Investment (Jing Zheng Ban Fa [2019] No. 10, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations), expanding the range of the reform target and improving efficiency and service quality of construction permits examination and application, the following supplementary provisions are made on the basis of the actual situation of Beijing Municipality as follows:

1. Expanding the application range of simple and low-risk projects. The application range of the Regulations is expanded to any new project, reconstruction and extension project or internal decoration project with social investment (except for underground space development projects and special construction works. Refer to the Appendix for details) that meets the low-risk level, with an above-ground floor area of not more than 10,000 m2 and a building height of not more than 24 m, with single function and simple technical requirements.

2. If any of the construction projects specified in the Measures herein is required to apply for approval, it shall implement the filing system and be included in the One-stop system for simple and low-risk projects where the  makes an "One-Form" application for handling of the filing formalities when applying for the construction project planning license.

3. Projects listed in the scope of simple and low-risk engineering specified in the Detailed Implementation Rules of Beijing Municipality for Classified Management Catalogue of Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects are exempted from handling the formalities related to environmental impact assessment of construction projects.

4. For a construction project specified in the Measures herein, the engineering survey is entrusted to a qualified survey organization through government procurement of services. In case of a new project, the engineering survey shall be completed before the land is transferred.

5. The review of the construction drawings of the construction of internal decoration and the new and expanded buildings with the above ground building area of a single building smaller than 5,000 m2 and the underground building area smaller than 2,000 m2 is eliminated. The responsibility for design quality and safety shall be borne by the designers, and the government departments shall carry out ex post supervision and inspection.

6. The construction projects specified in the Measures herein are exempted from constructing  air defense basement and from payment of exchange construction fee which is to be borne by the government.

7. Examination standards shall be formulated and improved for efficient handling of the application for construction project planning license in accordance with the principle of "quick handling of compliant applications and one-time notification and quick return of non-compliant applications". The time limit shall be no longer than 5 working days for the construction project planning license approval.

8. An internal decoration project is exempted from applying for the construction project planning license where the may directly apply for the construction permit via the One-stop system with relevant materials.

9. A construction project with an investment below RMB 1 million or the construction area below 300m2 (inclusive) is exempted from applying for construction permit where the project supervision institution shall not conduct quality and safety supervision and inspection and shall not supervise the final inspection of the project and only the construction planning license and the real estate registration are required. The  may commence construction after obtaining the construction planning license. The planning and natural resources department of district level shall carry out the supervision and service of the whole process of project planning and construction simultaneously. After the completion of the project, it shall directly complete the planning verification work and forward the corresponding results to the system. Once planning acceptance is passed, the project owner may apply for the immovable property registration accordingly.

10. The procedure for the alteration of construction permit will be further simplified. Except for the change in the project owner or the construction unit when the construction permit shall be reclaimed by law, any change in any other content of the construction permit is only required to inform the permit issuer in a timely manner via the system, with no reapplication and reexamination required. The processing time for the building construction permit for the construction projects within the scope of the Measures herein shall not exceed 3 working days.

11. If the project owner is capable of project management and can guarantee that it can independently assume the responsibility for project safety and quality, it is allowed not to employ a project supervisor, but to implement the self-management mode, and perform the supervision duties of a project supervisor on behalf.

The Beijing Construction Supervision Association will publish the actual transaction prices of the construction project supervision market on a regular basis to guide the healthy and orderly development of the supervision market.

12. The engineering project risk matrix for the Municipality will be established and improved to carry out differentiated supervisions in the construction process of the projects included in the scope of project quality and safety supervision according to the level of quality and safety risk. For construction projects with low risk of quality and safety as stipulated, the quality and safety supervision institution shall carry out only the quality and safety supervision inspection once during the project construction process.

13. The water supply and drainage access projects for construction projects stipulated in this Measures shall be provided with "3-zeros" service and be exempted from administrative examination and approval.

14. Strengthening and improving planning verification work. The internal restraining and supervising mechanism for the verification work shall be established and improved to standardize and implement whole-process service supervision of verification and ensure the planning acceptance is completed without disturbance.

15. For low-risk construction projects that are included in the scope of quality and safety supervision, the acceptance procedures shall be simplified; the "four-party inspection" organized by the project owner shall be integrated; the planning verification by the planning and natural resources authority, the fire control acceptance by the housing and urban-rural development authority, and the quality supervision of the project final inspection shall be jointly conducted.

The project owner submits the application for joint acceptance via the One-stop system for simple and low-risk projects and the acceptance departments issue the acceptance opinions on the platform. If all the matters involved pass the inspection, a notice of joint acceptance opinions of project shall be printed on site and sent to the project owner. The municipal public service enterprises shall complete connection of the facilities of water supply, drainage and power supply simultaneously with physical acceptance.

16. Strictly implementing the accountability system for district governments. All district governments should take the main responsibility for the reform, give full play to the advantages of the territory under their respective jurisdiction, make overall planning and coordination, actively organize and continue to promote the formation of the whole process of simple and low-risk construction projects, and ensure the implementation of various reform measures.

Appendix: List of Simple and Low-risk Construction Projects .doc