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Circular of Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on Relevant Problems of Construction Permits of Simple and Low-risk Construction Projects with Social Investment

Jing Jian Fa [2019] No. 434

To relevant entities,

To strictly implement Some Provisions on Optimizing the Examination and Approval Service for New Simple and Low Risk Construction Projects with Social Investment (Jing Zheng Ban Fa [2019] No. 10) and the Opinions on Improving the Examination and Approval Services for Simple and Low-risk Construction Projects (Jing Gui Zi Fa [2019] No. 439), continuously improve the business environment in Beijing, promote the realization of the overall goal of "reducing handling time and cost, and improving quality", and further speed up the approval of construction permits for simple and low-risk construction projects with social investment, relevant working requirements are hereby notified as follows:

I. New, renovated and expanded projects and internal decoration projects with social investment within the administrative area of Beijing that have an above-ground floor area of no more than 10,000 m2 and a building height of no more than 24 m, as well as single functions and simple technical requirements (except underground space development projects and crowded places) are subject to the management of simple and low-risk projects with social investment.

II. For construction projects with the amount of social investment below RMB 1million or a floor area of less than 300 m2 (inclusive), it's not required to handle the building construction permit.

III. The internal decoration projects specified in this Circular refer to internal renovation projects that don't change the main structure and housing use. Such projects are not required to handle the construction project planning permit. The project owner can apply for the construction permit through the "One-stop Express" system for simple and low-risk projects at eBeijing through providing the application form for construction permit, house ownership document, confirmation document of construction enterprises, legal person's Letter of Commitment for simple and low-risk projects, and decoration description (For projects of which the real property ownership certificate can't be provided due to historical reasons, the completion inspection and acceptance filing document of the original building or other legal formalities of the project can be provided. In case of rental housing, the leasing agreement and the document indicating that the property owner agrees on decoration shall be provided).

IV. Simplify the procedure for alteration of construction permits. In case of alteration of project owner and the construction entity, the construction permit shall be applied for and obtained again by law. In case of other alterations, it's not required to apply for approval again. It only needs to inform the issuing authority through the "One-stop Express" system for simple and low-risk projects at eBeijing.

V. Continue to implement the "whole-process online handling" and "handling through a unified online platform". Various approval departments for construction permits shall strictly implement the one-time notification system, and improve the working efficiency and service level.

VI. Further reduce the time limit for handling the building construction permit, and complete online approval within three working days for construction projects that qualify for simple and low-risk construction projects with social investment.

This Circularshall come into force as of December 9, 2019.

Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

December 9, 2019