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Jing Gao Fa Fa. No. [2020] 205

To Beijing NO.1 Intermediate People's Court, Beijing NO.2 Intermediate People's Court, Beijing NO.3 Intermediate People's Court, Beijing NO.4 Intermediate People's Court and Beijing Intellectual Property Court;
To all people's courts of all districts and Beijing Internet Courts;
To all related business departments of Beijing High People's Court,

For the purpose of increasing the trial efficiency of bankruptcy cases and facilitating the performance of bankruptcy administrator's duty, this circular of supporting the bankruptcy administrator on inquiring related information, looking up the case files and archives is hereby issued as follows.:

1. After accepting the bankruptcy cases, the judge handling the case shall inquire the debtors' property information via the Online Enforcement Inquiry and Control System which is connected with the National Working Platform of Judges for Enterprise Bankruptcy & Reorganization Cases in a timely manner, and inform the administrator of the results in writing within three working days after receiving the feedbacks from the system.

2. Within five working days after the bankruptcy case is accepted, the judge handling the bankruptcy case shall provide the administrator with the information on the lawsuits and enforcement cases of the debtor obtained from Zhihuiyun System of Beijing Courts in writing .

3. The administrator can apply for checking, reviewing and copying the files and archives on lawsuits and enforcement cases involving the debtor.

The bankruptcy administrator can, through the "Contact the Judge" window of the court's litigation service hall or by calling 12368—the artificial voice hotline of litigation service, make an appointment for an on-site review of the unclosed cases files or the files of the closed cases without being achieved. The staff working at the window and over the hotline shall send the work order to the judge handling the case in a timely manner. Within three working days after receiving the work order, the judge handling the case shall arrange the administrator to review the files in Lawyer's Reading Room or at other designated place.

The administrator can log in to apply for reviewing the e-files of the archived cases online. The court's file management department shall review the application and reply within three working days after receiving such application.

To review the case files on site, the administrator shall bring the ruling of the people's court for accepting bankruptcy application, the decision to designate the administrator, the power of attorney for the administrator and the ID certificate of the handler. To review the e-files online, the administrator shall upload the above-mentioned documents for examination and verification.

4. The enforcement department shall update the progress information of enforcement cases on in a timely manner in order to facilitate the administrator.

Where an administrator files a written application for verifying the progress of unclosed enforcement cases, the enforcement department shall reply in writing within five working days after receiving the application.

This circular shall be implemented as of its issuance.

Beijing High People's Court
28 April, 2020