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Question: Q1: What are the procedures for changing foreign-invested enterprises into domestic companies?
Answer: A1: Step 1: Cancel the Approval Certificate for Foreign-invested Enterprises upon approval of the commercial department; Step 2: If the name needs to be changed, it is required to go through the name change pre-approval procedure first; Step 3: Receive the Application for Registration (Filing) of Enterprise Change (Restructuring). Changing to a domestic-funded LLC that involves setting state-owned equity must be reported to the competent financial department or to the supervision and management department of state-owned assets for approval (the listed company must submit to the CSRC for approval); Step 4: Submit all application materials required in the legally approved format, and wait for the issuance of the Notice of Change Approval; Step 5: After receiving the Notice of Change Approval, pay the fee and obtain the business license at the Industrial and Commercial Bureau according to the date determined in the Notice of Change Approval.