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Basic Documents.jpg

1. One original  application form for the approval of environmental impact assessment documents for construction projects (Attached with an electronic version)

2. One original environmental impact report of construction projects(Attached with an electronic version)

3. One original report on content deleted in the entire environmental impact report (publicity draft) (Attached with an electronic version)

4. One original entire environmental impact report (publicity draft)

Process, Time, Mode and Location, Fees.jpg

1. Time

Working days: 09:00-12:00, 13:30-17:00

2. Mode and Location

On site: Beijing Municipal Government Affairs Service Center: No. 1, South Road, 3rd Ring Road, Fengtai District, Beijing (the southwestern corner of Liuliqiao)


3. Process

(1) Acceptance of application: Declaration/reception: 0 working day, Acceptance:1 working day

(2) Examination and decision: 15 working days

(3) Issuance and delivery of certificate: Issuance of certificate:1 working day

4. Fees

Free of charge

5. Authority in charge

Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau


The above electronic documents shall be submitted, based on their required approval level, via municipality or district level online approval system for construction projects. For confidential projects, only the original environmental impact assessment document shall be provided. The electronic version is not needed. Projects at district and county levels shall be declared in accordance with the requirements of each district and county.