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The Estimation of Business Setup Costs in Beijing
Enter Information for Estimation
Site Rental costs
Type of industry
Type of lease commercial buildings industrial parks
Human resource costs
Number of employees
Office equipment costs
Type and quantity of equipment (set)
Desktop computers
Multifuncti-onal printers
Large multif-unctional copiers
Corporate value-added tax
Type of taxpayer General taxpayer Small-scale taxpayer ?
Identification criteria for small-scale taxpayers:

1. Annual VAT taxable sales of CNY 5 million or less;

2. Taxpayers engaged in the production of goods or the provision of taxable services and taxpayers primarily engaged in the production of goods or the provision of taxable services and also engaged in the wholesale or retail sale of goods, with annual VAT taxable sales of less than CNY 500,000;

3. Other individuals whose annual taxable sales exceed the criteria for small-scale taxpayers shall be taxed as small-scale taxpayers;

4. Non-enterprise entities and enterprises with infrequent taxable activity may choose to be taxed as small-scale taxpayers.

Estimated Monthly Sales (CNY)
The above-mentioned are cost estimates for the first year of enterprise establishment.
Estimated Results
Costs for the first year
Site lease costs
CNY 0 /year
The estimate does not include costs for property, utilities, renovations, and security deposit. There may be preferential policies in different cases. Actual conditions shall be considered.
Not yet completed
Type of industry:
Not yet completed
Type of lease:
Not yet completed
Human resource cost
CNY 0 /year
The estimate is based on the annual average wage of 219578 yuan for employees of foreign-invested enterprises in Beijing in 2020 released by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of statistics. At the same time, it also increases the calculation of five different types of insurance premiums and the mandatory housing provident fund paid by enterprises. For reference only, subject to the actual situation.
Number of employees:
0 people
Office equipment cost
CNY 0 /year
The estimate is based on the average listed market price of the corresponding equipment and does not include the cost of other office supplies such as office furniture. For reference only, actual conditions shall prevail.
Type and quantity of equipment (set):

0 laptops

0 multifunctional printers

0 desktop computers

0 large multifunctional copier

Corporate VAT
CNY 0 /year
Annual corporate VAT is calculated on the basis of default monthly sales of the enterprise. This estimate does not include income tax and other taxes for foreign-invested enterprises and foreign companies. There may be preferential policies related to taxation in different cases. Actual conditions shall be considered.
Taxpayer type:
Estimated monthly sales(CNY):
Data sources: Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Beijing Municipal Tax Service, and E-commerce platform.
Legal Disclaimer:
The contents of this tool are provided "as is" without any kind of guarantee. To the fullest extent permitted by law, this makes no guarantee and hereby waives all guarantee if any.
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