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For investment in the financial sector in Beijing, foreign investors are covered by the following preferential market access policies:

Support wholly foreign-owned enterprises in applying to register as private fund managers to engage in equity investment and asset management. Eligible private securities investment fund management companies can apply to convert into publicly offered fund management companies.
Support more foreign-funded banks in their efforts to get custody qualifications for securities investment fund.
Allow eligible foreign-funded banks to engage in domestic gold and silver futures trading.
Allow foreign-funded banks to obtain the gold import permits from People's Bank of China and to get the qualifications of serving as lead underwriters in China's interbank bond market.
Support foreign rating agencies in setting up their subsidiaries to start credit rating business in China's interbank bond market and exchange bond market.
Expand the qualification scope of qualified domestic institutional investors to investment management institutions set up in Beijing by domestic and overseas institutions, including domestic securities companies, fund management companies and futures companies.
Support eligible institutions in Beijing in launching pilot overseas investments of qualified domestic limited partners. Qualified institutions are allowed to raise Renminbi capital among qualified investors and invest it in overseas market.
After careful study, newly established or restructured wholly foreign-owned banks or Chinese-foreign equity joint banks are allowed to apply for Renminbi business when they submit the application for business commencement.
Under the conditions of compliance with relevant laws and regulations, foreign-funded financial institutions are allowed to set up foreign-owned banks, and to co-establish Chinese-foreign equity joint banks with the private capital in China.
Allow more foreign-funded banks to obtain custody qualifications for securities investment fund.