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Reports show that Shijingshan District will promote 90 key tasks in a project-based manner and attract international investment by further opening up industries and industrial parks.

Shijingshan District will prioritize foreign investment by taking advantage of opportunities presented by the development of the "two zones" and planning for high-quality development. In order to promote opening-up and attract foreign investment within the district, it will focus on the Winter Olympics-driven economy, industrial revitalization, urban renewal, the digital economy, and other areas. So far, the district has reported 13 new foreign-funded enterprises, 1,344 new domestic-invested enterprises, and a number of projects in the process of negotiation.

A favorable enabling environment is indispensable in the development of the "two zones". In terms of optimizing supply guarantee, Shijingshan District will focus on the four aspects, namely, data flow, talent services, land, and overseas-style life service. In terms of optimizing institutional guarantees, the district will center on four aspects as well including foreign investment liberalization and facilitation, development environments for trade in services, reform of supervision regarding administrative approval, and order of the market operation environment. In addition, Shijingshan District will promote the building of the new Shougang international talent community and create first-class institutional environment in line with international standards.

Next, centering on the overall layout of the "two zones", Shijingshan District will advance 90 key tasks by project, prepare for the international commercial affairs and talent comprehensive service port in western Beijing. The service port will serve as a comprehensive service platform for enterprises and international talents that integrates multiple functions from corporate services to talent services, exhibitions, and international exchange space, ultimately serving the development of the "two zones".

(Note: Content source is from Beijing Daily.)