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  • German-targeted Promotional Session Held Online to Introduce Beijing's 'Two Zones' Policy

    Recently, the Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center held an online special session for Germany to introduce Beijing's "Two Zones" policy.


  • Beijing Tops Chinese Cities in Scale of Software and Information Services Industry

    In 2021, the software and information services industry in Beijing registered an operating income of CNY 2.2 trillion, the highest in China; the ratio of the industrial added value to Beijing's GDP has increased from 11.3 percent in 2017 to 16.2 percent in 2021, which reveals a greater contribution of the industry to the city's economic development, and the accelerated formation of an industrial ecosystem with international competitive advantages.


  • Promotional Video of the 2022 CIFTIS Investment Attraction and Exhibition Invitation


  • Quick Overview: Notice on Replacement of the Certificate of Multinational Corporation's Regional Headquarters


  • Over One Hundred Iconic Projects and Platforms Settled in Beijing

    Since the commencement of the development of the "Two Zones", Beijing has released over one hundred pioneering or groundbreaking policies, hailed the settlement of more than 110 iconic projects and functional platforms, and identified 10 best practices that are replicated and promoted nationwide, vividly demonstrating the openness-led development endeavors across the city.