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Part III Government Self-Improvement

Fellow Deputies,

Let me turn to what we should do to improve the government.

We will further heighten our sense of responsibility and purpose, commit ourselves to a people-centered development philosophy, transform government functions, emphasize implementation, innovate in our work, and build a service-oriented government to the satisfaction of our people.

We must adhere to the correct political direction.

We will strengthen the "four-consciousness", maintain "four-confidence", uphold the status of General-Secretary Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee and the whole Party, and uphold the authority of the Central Committee and its centralized, unified leadership. We will implement "Three Ones" and "Four Neves" . Beijing is ready "to be judged first and foremost by its political stance". We will align our future development with the overall strategy of the Party and the country’s development, and be politically-minded, in determining the direction, assessing issues, and discharging our duties. According to the arrangement of the central government and the CPC Central Committee, we will launch thematic education campaigns to make sure all Party members remain true to the founding mission of our Party, a mission that all Party members must understand, commit to and work hard to accomplish.

We will advance law-based governance in all respects.

We will seriously implement resolutions and decisions adopted by the Municipal People’s Congress and its standing committee, report to the Standing Committee before major decisions are made and subject our work to the supervision of the Municipal People's Congress and the Municipal CPPCC Committee. We will support supervisory bodies in exercising powers independently and in accordance with the law, and willingly accept their oversight.

In response to the need of urban transformation, we will promote legislation in key areas such as urban-rural planning, commercialization of technologies and the sharing of public data. We will improve the law-based decision-making mechanism by consulting legal counsels and through legality examination. We will enforce law according to law, improve transparency, record the processes, and improve mechanisms for evaluation. We will coordinate administrative law enforcement and the criminal justice system. We will reinforce our work in administrative reviews and response to lawsuits. We will organize more legal training and improve the legal awareness of the basic level government in administration. We will implement a responsibility system for improving legal awareness and improve the public legal service system.

We will reform our institutions.

We will transform functions, approaches and working culture to optimize institutional functions, create synergy and raise efficiency. We will implement the "Three Determines" institutional reform for municipal-level departments and adjust affiliated public-service institutions accordingly. We will make lists of powers and responsibilities of each department after reform, build capacity of comprehensive service windows, and improve the quality and efficiency of services. We will reform the administrative law enforcement system and classify and reform public service institutions. We will regulate the setup of dispatched institutions of all kinds, and organize district-level institutional reform.

We will improve our working culture.

We will improve awareness of quality, efficiency and costs, and regard effective implementation as an important way to improve our work. We must be prepared for a tight budget. We will cut general expenditures by at least 5%. We will carry out performance-based budget management across the board, pilot performance budgeting in key public service sectors, and use fiscal fund more efficiently. We will strengthen management over all government debts, strictly control new hidden debts, and gradually resolve outstanding debts.

We will continue the practice of "meeting free weeks", and use the time for more targeted and responsive field study. We will stamp out practices of unjustified formalities and bureaucracy, reduce inspections, reports and meetings so that local officials can spend more time with the people detecting and addressing problems. We will integrate public supervision with performance evaluation, combine professional supervision with third-party assessment, and give more weight to people's satisfaction in performance evaluation. We will complete Beijing's tasks in China's fourth national economic census. We will implement the newly amended Civil Servant Law, care for civil servants and encourage our civil servants to make new accomplishments.

We will strengthen the building of a clean government.

We must study and implement the Regulation of the Communist Party of China on Disciplinary Actions and consistently follow the central Party leadership’s eight-point decision on improving conduct. Municipal leaders must fulfill our primary responsibility for strict Party governance, and advance clean government building and counter-corruption efforts with determination. We will address the "Four Habits" by focusing on salient problems in critical areas. We will organize activities to promote clean government and honest politics, prevent problems such as inaction and the abuse of power. We will guard against conducts harmful to the public and corruption by low-ranking officials.

We will establish local standards on administrative transparency and implement the Sunshine Government program. We will expand the scope and depth of auditing and oversight and regulate the use of power through complete auditing of public funds, assets and resources and officials with economic responsibilities.

Fellow deputies,

The new era is for hard working people. Let's unite closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, follow the strong leadership of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, keep alive the enterprising spirit and never slacken, forge ahead with reforms and innovation, work hard, write a Beijing chapter in the annals of national rejuvenation, and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China with outstanding achievements!