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4. To fulfill the capital’s strategic positioning and build a world-class metropolis that is harmonious and livable, we must fully implement the innovation-driven development strategy, and step up efforts to build Beijing into a national center for scientific discovery and technology innovation.

A national center for scientific discovery and technological innovation provides crucial support for the country’s ambition to become a world power in science and technology. It also serves as a new engine driving Beijing’s development. We will focus on the development of such platforms as Z-Park, Beijing Future Science Park and Huairou Science Park (the “Three Science Parks”); let institutions of higher learning and innovative enterprises be the main player, take key research projects as leverage, deepen reforms, and accelerate the building of a national center for technological innovation. We will set objectives and targets for the endeavor, and enhance annual assessment and evaluation, thus making sure tasks are fully accomplished.

We will intensify efforts to build the “Three Science Parks”. We will build the infrastructure and improve supporting public services, so as to serve the national laboratories in Beijing and fulfill Beijing’s role in the implementation of National Science and Technology Major Projects. We will work for more opportunities to undertake major research tasks, take the initiative to match our efforts with major national science and technology innovation projects for the year 2030, and formulate plans for basic and frontier research in brain science, artificial intelligence, bio-technology, graphene, the third generation semiconductor, etc. We will step up efforts in enhancing our capacity of innovation, and build Beijing into a world-renowned science center. We will further expand and optimize the development space of Z-Park, actively undertake major projects such as National Laboratories and Aero-Engines and Gas Turbines Project, implement projects in cutting-edge innovations, application of scientific achievements, platform construction for public entrepreneurship and innovation, and improvement of environmental services, so as to give full play to Z-Park’s pioneering role and magnify its radiating effect. We will fully implement the development plan for Huairou Science Park, refine and improve special-purpose programs, advance the building of Comprehensive National Science Center, launch two major national science and technology infrastructure projects including the Earth System Numerical Simulator, start to construct a group of leading inter-disciplinary research platforms such as the Platform for Materials Genome Research, and carry out preparatory work in order to secure preliminary approval for the three major national science and technology infrastructure projects including the High-Energy Synchrotron Radiation Sources Project, so as to bring Beijing’s overall science strength to a new height. We will execute the action plan for Beijing Future Science Park, continue to attract people with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit through initiatives like the “Ten Thousand Talents” Plan, establish high-level enterprise R&D centers, make breakthroughs in ten key technologies, speed up the commercialization of 20 major scientific achievements, and add new vitality to the Science Park.

We will deepen institutional reforms in science and technology. We will let Zhongguancun play the role of a test field for reforms, and explore reforms to motivate research personnel and combine technology with capital. We will launch a mechanism coordinating actualization of major projects, and enhance the high-standard and differentiated development of Z-Park and its sub-parks. We will fully implement the 28 policy measures concerning scientific research projects and funds management, grant more autonomy to research institutions and personnel, and make our incentives available to Beijing-based central government research institutions. We will build an experiment area for talent management reforms at Zhongguancun, implement the score-based system for foreign applications for Permanent Residence in China, and adopt an income distribution policy that values knowledge created. In areas like new materials and intelligent robots, we will attract top scientists and innovation teams from around the world and do our best to support their work. We will accelerate the development of a national technological and financial innovation center, enhance trials of venture lending and foreign exchange management reforms, improve the mechanism for guiding venture capital investment, and attract more private investment in innovation. We will implement the Zhongguancun Pilot Reform Project on Public Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Haidian District National Demonstration Base for Public Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We will rely on institutions of higher learning and enterprises to establish professional platforms for public innovation and entrepreneurship, and guide maker-spaces and innovation incubators toward higher end development. We will strengthen IPR application, protection and standardization; build a national demonstration zone in Zhongguancun for clustered development of the IPR service industry, and expand the influence of Beijing’s brands.

We will speed up the building of a community for collaborative innovation. We will deepen the pilot program for comprehensive innovation system reforms in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, promote cross-region application of innovation policies, and make breakthroughs in areas like coordinating IPR services in the region and cross-region joint supervision. Focusing on energy conservation and emission reduction, pollution control and other developmental demands in the region, we will conduct joint research on key technologies and their application demonstration. We will build regional alliances in key industries including new energy vehicles, and offer technical support and technology services to enterprises in the region. We will set up innovation intermediaries with enterprises playing the principal role; encourage conglomerates to reasonably distribute their functions across the region, including R&D, incubation, manufacturing and after-sales service. We will form industrial chains for collaborative innovation, and promote joint construction of science parks and industrial bases.

5. To fulfill the capital’s strategic positioning and build a world-class metropolis that is harmonious and livable, we must remain committed to the direction of advanced socialist culture and step up efforts to build Beijing into a national cultural center.

We will promote and practice the core values of socialism. We will expand the influence of promotional brands such as the Podium of the People and 365 Stories about the Chinese Dream, build consensus through the Chinese Dream and the core values of socialism, consolidate the confidence in Chinese culture, and push for the formulation of shared ideals, beliefs and values among the people. We will foster patriotism, and organize activities celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the Outbreak of Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. We will launch large-scale events with the theme of the “2017 Beijing Role Models”, select and commend the 6th year’s moral role models from Beijing, and select and publicize “Exemplary Figures”, “Role Models of the Time”, “Most Beautiful People”, “Good People Around You”, and “Excellent Volunteers”. We will make overall progress in building culturally and morally advanced city districts, villages and towns, institutions, families and school campuses to further upgrade the overall caliber of our citizens and the civility level of the city.

We will improve public cultural services, establish demonstration zones, and improve the effectiveness of comprehensive cultural services. We will build comprehensive sub-district and town/township cultural centers, digital libraries and digital reading rooms for the public, and improve basic-level public cultural facilities. We will improve the delivery of public books, cultural activities and public performances, provide more cultural products to communities, and encourage reading by all citizens. We will innovate in the contents and forms of performance on the “Weekend Stage for the People”, and hold 20,000 cultural events for citizens of the capital. We will implement Opinions on Developing Socialist Literature and Arts, let cultural and art funds play a guiding role, support the creation of works on the theme of major revolutions and historical events, Beijing-flavor culture and traditional culture, and strive to produce more quality literary and artistic works. We will promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese opera, and organize events like the Chinese Opera Week. We will deepen reforms of municipal state-owned cultural enterprises and improve supervision over them by category. We will upgrade the functional zones for cultural and creative industries, carry out a number of major projects including the National Cultural Industry Experiment Area, promote integrated development between cultural and creative industries, design service and related industries, and do our best to host the Beijing Design Week.

We will protect Beijing’s “golden business card” as a historic and cultural city. We will do preliminary preparations to apply for recognition of the “central axis” as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, repair and restore the Shouhuang Dian (Hall of Imperial Longevity) Complex in Jingshan Park, and rehabilitate the landscape of “One Axis, One Line”. We will intensify the overall protection of historic neighborhoods; clear, vacate and organically upgrade cultural preservation areas, preserve the uniqueness of historic and cultural blocks such as Nanluoguxiang (South Luogu Lane), so as to pass on the historic and cultural tradition of Beijing. We will inherit and promote fine national and folk cultures, support representative projects and inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, and assist the inheritance and development of time-honored brands. We will coordinate efforts to build the Cultural Belts of the Great Wall, the Canal and the Western Hills, and intensify the overall protection and environmental improvement of historic and cultural attractions. We will actively protect well-known towns and villages as well as traditional villages.

6. To fulfill the capital’s strategic positioning and build a world-class metropolis that is harmonious and livable, we must put people first, protect and improve people’s well-being.

We will respond proactively to public concerns and do practical work to improve people’s livelihood. We will implement the action plan for improving housekeeping services, establish and upgrade 1,000 convenience stores, and promote standardized and branded chain operation. We will provide assistance to college graduates, people with difficulties in finding jobs and migrant workers from rural areas, reassign redundant enterprise employees to other jobs, and create 360,000 new jobs in urban areas. We will integrate the basic medical insurance systems of urban and rural areas in an all-around way; give targeted assistance, strengthen “emergency assistance”, ensure a basic standard of living for people in poverty, and actively provide assistance to children in distress or left behind in their hometown by migrant parents. We will intensify social security and public service for people with disabilities, enhance inclusive education for them, and help them catch up in terms of living standard. We will improve the social eldercare service system, put more efforts in developing home-based care, build 200 community eldercare service stations, develop mutual-support elderly care in rural areas and volunteer services, and forge deeper integration between medical care and elderly care. We recognize that housing is for residential purpose, and will establish a housing system that attaches as much importance to renting as to purchasing; we will mainly let the market satisfy the diverse demands, with the government providing public housing; we will take various measures in financing, taxation, land use and market regulation, and explore and establish a fundamental system and long-term mechanism suitable for the national and municipal situations and consistent with market rules, and ensure that the real estate market develops smoothly and in a sound manner. We will raise the proportion of medium-to-low priced, small and medium-sized ordinary commercial housing units in the market, and complete construction of 60,000 government-subsidized homes and pool resources for 50,000 more. We will complete renovation projects for 36,000 households in run-down areas and supply land for 15,000 homes to be used for residential purpose by owners only. We will develop and regulate the renting market, and expedite the development of modular buildings. With a focus on the six urban districts, we will continue our efforts in the comprehensive renovation of buildings in old communities, thus improving the living environment for our citizens.

We will develop fairer education with better quality. We will place moral education at the center, and pay attention to ideological and political education throughout the teaching process. We will continue to promote character education and improve the practice-based education system. In order to expand the coverage of quality education resources, we will advance standardization in urban and rural schools for compulsory education, implement the rural teachers support plan and the special teaching posts plan for university graduates willing to serve in Western China, deepen the “school district” system reform, and support the development of “education groups” and integrated nine-year compulsory education. We will put more efforts in preschool education, build, rebuild and expand government-funded kindergartens, and support the development of privately-owned kindergartens that meet the standards of public schools and charge tuition fees according to the government-guided prices. We will continue to coordinate measures at municipal level for admission to high schools, and encourage elite senior middle schools to enroll more students from regular junior middle schools. We will implement a project to ensure special education schools meet the qualification standards, and implement pilot reform programs to link secondary and higher vocational education with undergraduate education. We will further provide joint education for high-caliber college students, guide universities in shifting their focus to application, and help universities develop their own characteristics and become first-class institutions.

We will advance the building of a Healthy Beijing. We will formulate and implement the 2030 Healthy Beijing Outline and promote the reform and development of the health sector. We will carry out reforms to coordinate medical treatment, medical insurance and pharmaceutical circulation. We will comprehensively separate prescription from dispensing, readjust charges for medical services, and transform the medical billing system into a multi-standard system. We will increase transparency in medicine procurement, improve the essential drugs list, and make drugs available in community hospitals that are previously prescribed only in large public hospitals. We will promote hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, quicken the development of close-connection type medical alliances, and guide certain second-tier hospitals in their shift to rehabilitation and nursing institutions. We will improve the evaluation system for community-level medical service, and promote contractual family doctor services, so as to improve the capacity of community-level medical services. We will launch the health project that encourages prevention of diseases through traditional Chinese medicine, and support revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine. We will implement the Regulations on Pre-hospital Emergency Care, and strengthen prevention and control of key epidemics and chronic diseases. We will better the maternal and child health care and family planning services, increase resources of midwifery services, and improve the pediatric treatment capability. We will carry out the newly revised Regulations of Beijing Municipality on Public Fitness, build 509 venues for specific activities, and organize fitness events in diverse forms. We will hold more public sports competitions and activities, and improve competitive sports.

We will ensure harmony and stability of the capital. We will launch national security education for all, foster the overall national security concept, and ensure stability, safeguard security and promote harmony. We will enhance and innovate in social governance, reform the management system for social organizations, optimize the working system of “focal point” NGOs, and cultivate community-based social organizations. We will deepen reforms of the sub-district and community management system, reduce burdens of community organizations, improve their efficiency, promote consultation at the community level, and establish 100 “15-minute” community service circuits. We will support reform in national defense and army building. We will provide defense education for all, and ensure greater solidarity between the government, the army and the people through mutual support. We will promote in-depth integration between the military and the people, and work with them for socialist cultural and ethical progress. We will make effort in civil air defense. We will implement the guidelines and policies on ethnic affairs to promote solidarity and common progress among ethnic groups. We will manage religious affairs in accordance with the law and build healthy relationships with religions. We will draw up the Plan of Action for Development and Reform in Workplace Safety, allocate responsibilities, and initiate the survey of major risk sources. We will draft the positive list for hazardous chemicals, create a centralized management system, and better the safety hazard screening and control system as well as the safety precaution and control system, so as to prevent “major” accidents and “especially major” accidents. We will boost the construction of fire protection infrastructure, and enhance the comprehensive capacity for emergency response and rescue. We will build Beijing into a national model city for food safety, and enforce stronger life cycle regulation of medicines to better protect our citizens. In order to identify and resolve social tensions and disputes and address people’s legitimate and reasonable concerns, we will improve social stability risk assessment when making major decisions, implement a responsibility system for complaints made through letters, visits and calls (xinfang), and improve the diversified mediation systems, including people’s mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation. We will strictly implement measures against terrorism, strengthen monitoring, early warnings and prevention, and resolutely fight violent and terrorist activities. We will improve the multi-dimensional and information-based public security system, administer the cyber space in line with the law, and prevent and curb telecom and Internet frauds; we will standardize the law enforcement practices of the public security authority, fight against illegal acts and criminal activities, thus giving our people a stronger sense of security.

This year, Beijing will witness the convening of the 19th CPC National Congress and host the Belt & Road International Cooperation Summit. Providing services to related events is a glorious political task assigned to us by the central government. We will carefully plan and work for the events, improve the surroundings and cityscape in key areas, and create a peaceful social environment, providing perfect service for these major events.