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Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport has the following as its main responsibilities.

I. Implementing the laws, regulations, rules and policies of the state on transport, studying and drawing up the drafts of relevant local regulations, government regulations and policies and measures of Beijing Municipality, and organizing the implementation thereof. Formulating the development strategy of transport, investigating and studying the major issues in the reform and development of transport industry, and putting forward countermeasures and suggestions.

II. Organizing the preparation of Beijing's medium- and long-term development plans for the construction of transport infrastructure and the transport industry. Participating in the formulation of comprehensive and special plans for transport, and plans for the construction of urban rail transit, as well as evaluating the implementation of relevant plans. Being responsible for the assessment of traffic impact of large-scale urban construction projects. Being responsible for reviewing the contents related to traffic in the planning and designing of municipal road construction projects. Participating in the review of preliminary design of municipal transport infrastructure construction projects. Making overall planning and advancing the construction of major transport infrastructure, and establishing a transport infrastructure construction project library in conjunction with relevant authorities.

III. Organizing the preparation of preliminary work proposals and annual construction proposals for municipal transport infrastructure construction projects. Organizing the preparation of the annual plans for the maintenance of transport infrastructure and the transport industry, and organizing the implementation, supervision and administration thereof. Being responsible for putting forward opinions on financial fund arrangement for the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure. Participating in the research and implementation of investment and financing policies for transport development and construction. Being responsible for the specific implementation, supervision and administration of urban rail transit and other public transport franchise projects. Putting forward suggestions on charging policies and standards for the transport industry.

IV. Being responsible for promoting the coordinated development of regional transport integration. Being responsible for the coordination of railway, civil aviation, postal and other comprehensive transportation within Beijing's administrative area. Organizing the formulation of various key transport service guarantee schemes and supervising the implementation thereof. Participating in the formulation of the development strategy and plans for the modern logistics industry, and putting forward relevant policies and standard suggestions.

V. Being responsible for supervising and administering the transport infrastructure and administering the transport industry in Beijing, and formulating relevant policies and standards. Being responsible for supervising and administering the road construction market and the road and waterway transportation market, and coordinating and promoting the development of the transport industry. Being responsible for the building of the administrative permit and credit systems in the transport industry. Guiding the energy conservation and emission reduction in the transport industry.

VI. Being responsible for supervising and administering the transport infrastructure and the safe production in the transport industry in Beijing Municipality. Being responsible for the organization and coordination of transport safety emergency response, and assisting relevant authorities in investigating and handling major safety accidents in the transport industry. Being responsible for organizing transportation and securing transport facilities in major emergencies. Being responsible for administering the safety at monitored railway crossings. Undertaking the specific work of Beijing Municipal Transport Safety Emergency Response Headquarters.

VII. Being responsible for organizing and coordinating the comprehensive traffic governance in Beijing Municipality. Being responsible for the overall planning of parking administration, and being responsible for administering the Internet bike rental industry.

VIII. Being responsible for the local maritime work in Beijing Municipality.

IX. Formulating the planning, annual plans and strategies for the development of transport science and technology and intelligent transport for Beijing Municipality. Organizing and guiding the construction of intelligent transport in the transport industry, and promoting the building of intelligent transport system. Organizing and guiding the initiation, research, development, popularization and application of major transport science and technology projects.

X. Being responsible for the publicity and education in the transport industry in Beijing, and organizing and carrying out civility enhancement education in the transport industry. Being responsible for foreign exchanges and cooperation in the transport industry. 

XI. Guiding the comprehensive law enforcement in transportation in Beijing Municipality.

XII. Guiding, coordinating and supervising the transport work in all districts.

XIII. Undertaking the work of the Transport Readiness Office of Beijing Municipal Commission for National Defense Mobilization.

XIV. Completing other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.