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Yunhe Cultural Square [Photo via]

Situated at the southeast of Beijing and the northern end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Tongzhou District, home to Beijing's subsidiary administrative center, covers an area of 906 square kilometers. With a long history, human activities were found in the district as early as the Neolithic Age. It has been established and administered over 2,200 years, under the profound impacts of the canal culture.

Tongzhou District is affected by the continental monsoon climate, forming a dry and windy spring, a hot and rainy summer, a clear-sky and cool autumn and a cold and dry winter. The annual average temperature is 11.3℃, and the precipitation is about 620 mm.

Tongzhou has distinctive location advantages. The district is close to Beijing's Central Business District (CBD), 13 kilometers to the west from the International Trade Center and 16 kilometers to the north from the Capital Airport. Bordering Tianjin and Hebei, its location provides a conducive environment for the capital to participate in the coordinated development of the BTH Region. In the future, starting from Tongzhou District, it is 15 minutes' drive to the Capital International Airport, 35 minutes' drive to the Daxing International Airport and one hour to the Xiong'an New Area.