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Shunyi Green Ecology Industrial Function Zone [Photo via]

Seated in northeastern Beijing, 30 kilometers away from the downtown, Shunyi District is adjacent to the subsidiary administrative center of Beijing. It is the site of the Capital International Airport. The district has a total area of 1,021 square kilometers, of which the plain area accounts for 95.7%. The district has a permanent resident population of 1.228 million, and has 19 organizational towns and 6 sub-district offices under its jurisdiction. The district is of a temperate continental semi-humid monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 11.5℃, annual sunshine hours are 2,746, annual relative humidity is 58%, the frost-free period is 195 days or so, and the annual rainfall is 610 mm.

Shunyi District has well-developed transportation facilities, with nearly 100 million passenger trips per year, ranking second in the world. Inside the district, there is the Capital International Airport, which applies to the 144-hour visa-free transit policy; it is linked by 2 subways and 6 expressways, with the road network density ranks the first in the new capital city. It enjoys a high level of internationalization, with the Shunyi Foreign Entry-Exit Service Hall and 10 special policies. The Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone (FTZ) incubated in the district is Beijing's, even China's only comprehensive bonded zone that includes airport cargo ports. The FTZ has the functions of a bonded zone for foreign goods, facilitating a duty-free transfer of goods within the zone and tax rebating for domestic goods entering the zone. At present, Shunyi District is a core area of international aviation center with the city and air harbor, a leading area for regional economic promotion and development driven by innovation, and a harmonious and livable demonstration area of the capital with urban and rural development.