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Miyun Reservoir [Photo via]

Located in the northeastern part of Beijing, Miyun District functions as an important drinking water source for Beijing, and also an eco-conservation area. The district has a population of 527,683. With a total area of 2,229.45 square kilometers (the largest district of Beijing), it covers 2 sub-districts, 17 towns and 1 village (regional office). Situated in the center of the district, the Miyun Reservoir plays a significant role in supplying drinking water for Beijing, with a maximum water surface area of 188 square kilometers and a maximum storage capacity of 4.375 billion cubic meters.

Miyun District is China's national ecological zone and a world-renown recreational and livable site. The forest coverage rate of the district reached 73.63%. The number of days when the air quality is of or better than Grade II has remained above 80% for four consecutive years. The content of negative oxygen ions in the air is 40 times higher than that in the urban area, and the ecological quality ranks No.1 of the whole city. Miyun District is a famous "Home of the Longevity" of Beijing, with more than 600 elders over 90 years old.

According to preliminary calculation, the district's GDP reached CNY 33.86 billion in 2020.