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Waterfall in Shidu [Photo via]

Fangshan District is located in the southwest of Beijing, covering a total area of 2,019 square kilometers. By the end of 2019, the permanent resident population of the district was 1.255 million, with a total financial capacity of 45.335 billion yuan. The district is home to the Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian with a history of 700,000 years, the Liulihe Western Zhou Dynasty Yan Capital Site of 3,063 years and the Jin Dynasty imperial tombs of 860 years. It has a superior ecological environment. There are Fangshan Global Geopark of China, Shangfangshan National Forest Park, the oldest secondary forest in North China, and the largest group of karst caves in North China, such as Shihua Cave and Yinhu Karst Cave. The transportation of Fangshan District is convenient. It has major transportation routes such as Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao, Beijing-Kunming and Beijing-Xiong'an Expressway which is under construction, as well as rail transportation such as Fangshan Line and Yanfang Line. It is only half an hour's drive from Beijing Daxing International Airport and within one hour's drive from Xiong'an New Area and the core area of the capital.