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In 2023, Chaoyang District welcomes more commercial facilities, with 10 new major commercial complexes scheduled to be opened to the public.


Sanlitun Taikoo Li [Photo via]

Sanlitun Business District

Beijing Workers Stadium Project: All areas of the project, except the football ground, will be transformed into city parks and lake areas. Following the renovation, nearly 200,000 square meters of special commercial space will be added, with integration of business formats and shaping of spaces inside and outside the stadium as well as across underground and above-ground areas, the areas circling the lake, and the whole Sanlitun Business District.

Topwin Center Metaverse Commercial Complex Project: A metaverse-based commercial complex will be built for Topwin Center, which is expected to be Beijing's first commercial complex encompassing fashionable products, "first stores" of brands, innovative business models, and integrated technology-powered consumption experiences online and offline.

Ya'ao Business District

DT51 Project: Opened officially on January 6, 2023, the mall is now home to stores of more than 200 selected brands. In the future, a great number of high-quality "first stores" and new brands from the northern part of Beijing will be introduced to DT51 to make it an exciting destination for quality fashion and life in northern Beijing.

Beiyuan Road Business District

Longfor's Paradise Walk Beiyuan Project: This mall is located at Beiyuan Station of Beijing Subway's Line 13 in Laiguangying area. Its seven floors, including one basement floor, will be built into an "ideal urban life" center of Beijing. In the future, nearly 260 brands will be introduced to Paradise Walk Beiyuan, which will become the eighth "Paradise Walk" mall of Longfor in Beijing.

CBD (Central Business District)

Jingxiang Street Refurbishment Project: The project covers 200 meters of the street, a part stretching from the western side of the wing of the AVIC building to the wall of Nanlangjiayuan Community east of the Ruisai Business Building. After the completion of the project, it will become a fine dining street featuring Chinese culture . The project also aims to create a commercial block with unique digital experiences and a digitalized nightlife shopping district in Beijing.

Chaowai Business District of CBD


Chaowai Business District [Photo via VCG]

"THE BOX A" Project of Chaowai Business District of CBD: The first phase of the project will be opened to the public in the first half of 2023, including Beijing's first light projection-based basketball court, an outdoor skateboard field on the first floor, and a rooftop garden. The second phase will be completed at the end of the year, which will have several new establishments including the first TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE in Beijing and the first store of MADverse, an art-oriented social space, in China. "THE BOX Chaowai" will focus on the development of a central landmark of young generation, which is targeted at Gen-Z customers.

Yansha SOLANA Business District

Laitai AT9 Project: Efforts will be made to renovate Laitai AT9 into a brand new urban cultural life space with stylish features and internationalized ambiance, and to improve the quality of the supporting business establishments of the Third Embassy Zone.

Wangjing Business District

Donghu Liubaiben Business Street Project: The street is being renovated and upgraded, and will be transformed into a commercial office block under a new name "Donghu Fun". The region of Donghu has become home to a number of headquarters and R&D centers of multinational corporations. Moreover, the region is also a national-level entrepreneurship base for students graduating from overseas universities and colleges, attracting prominent enterprises at home and abroad. Following the completion of its upgrading project, the street will fully function as a commercial block gathering and promoting business entities to create an open, diverse and international environment.

Poly Plaza Project: Efforts will be made to make Poly Plaza a complex showcasing urban vibrancy, which will integrate functions relevant to office, business, art and technologies. As a demonstration project featuring carbon neutrality, it will be constructed and operated in a carbon-neutral manner.

Dongba Business District

Dongba Wanda Plaza Project: This Wanda Plaza will become an experience center of innovative lifestyles, integrating services relevant to technologies, healthcare, entertainment, pets, dining, and shopping.  It will adopt a fully open business structure to form a "meeting venue" featuring an exquisite lifestyle that reminds every customer of a mansion with a garden.

(Source: The Beijing News)