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Beijing Daxing International Airport [Photo via]

Beijing Daxing International Airport was put into operation in September 2019 and is located at the junction of Daxing District and Hebei Province in southern Beijing, with a terminal complex of 1.43 million square meters. Thanks to its unique design of terminal building, Daxing Airport was on the first list of must-see destinations in Beijing. Daxing Airport has more than 340 stores, bringing together famous brands from home and abroad.


At Daxing Airport, a variety of cuisine provide energy needed for your air travel. The 24 hour restaurants allow you to enjoy delicious food at any time; Chinese and Western fast food restaurants such as Hongmao Dumpling and Pizza Hut shorten the waiting time and provide quality food at a good price; if you pursue a healthy lifestyle, healthy food stores such as Mr. Fruits may provide you with various salads and fresh juice; dessert shops such as Godiva may cheer you up if you feel depressed with the long journeys. In addition, milk tea stores such as HEYTEA and coffee shops such as Starbucks provide you with diversified beverage options.


In addition to a wide variety of food and beverage services, Daxing Airport also offers shopping services concerning gifts, clothing, purses and electronic products. If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can buy the Forbidden City-themed luggage tags, money boxes, silk scarves and lipsticks at the "Forbidden City Gift Shop"; if you want to buy clothes, you can go to the Etro, a brand inspired by travel; and Bottega Veneta is a good place to buy leather bags and shoes made with Italian craftsmanship. If you are an electronic product lover, you may visit the store of Huawei. If you're traveling with kids, you may go to Lego and explore the endless possibilities by building blocks with them.


While enjoying the dining and shopping services, you can enjoy the "Culture of China" exhibition jointly presented by Daxing Airport and the National Museum of China. You will be exposed to the charm of Chinese culture when exploring four exhibition areas: ancient bronze, ancient porcelain, ancient paintings and ancient Buddhist statues.

Also, Daxing Airport boasts a variety of cultural facilities, including the "One Axis, One City" (Yicheng Yixian) landscape, where you can learn about Beijing's century-old history, and the "Beauty of Flowers" (Huayu) landscape which shows you the perfect combination of music and interior design. The slides with cloud-shape decoration and other entertainment facilities will allow children to enjoy their time. And the "Chinese Garden" deserves a mention. The small and exquisite garden combines the art of gardening and calligraphy, which offer you a glimpse of the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.


Daxing Airport also delivers services concerning accommodation, convenience stores, express delivery, banking and SPA to meet your diverse needs during journey. If you need to have a rest near the airport, Aerotel Beijing and East Pacific Passenger Lounge will offer you comfortable hospitality customer services; if you need some daily necessities, you can go to convenience stores such as Convenience; if you need express delivery service, Jingdong Express may provide you with quality services; if you need to deposit and withdraw money, the outlets of Bank of China and other banks can provide attentive services; if you want to enjoy SPA, you may experience high quality Thai SPA at iSpa.