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[Photo via The Beijing News]

The official launch of 2023 Beijing Consumption Season - Happy Haidian on February 28 coincided with the start of the 2023 National Consumption Month and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumption Season. In these activities, Haidian District looks to combine its various business, cultural, tourist and sport resources to promote prosperity in the regional consumer market and high-quality development in Beijing's economic circle.

2023 will be a special time for consumption in Haidian District, with an exciting lineup of activities planned for the whole year. Festivities will kick off with the Launch Ceremony of the 2023 Beijing Consumption Season - Happy Haidian and continue with three major featured consumption festivals in Haidian District, namely the Zhongguancun International Food Festival, the Haidian Brand Consumption Festival, and the Community Consumption Festival. Activities will be launched under six special themes, includingShopping in Haidian, Eating in Haidian, Smart Haidian, Cultural Haidian, Fashionable Haidian, and Colorful Haidian. In particular, 28 key activities will be held, such as the Haidian Live Streaming Festival, the car themed festival, and a festival dedicated to outdoor sports, to encourage market entities to get involved and launch consumption promotion activities.

Shopping in Haidian

Two featured activities of the Shopping in Haidian section include the First Store Launch Festival and the Chinese Trend Festival. During the First Store Launch Festival, a hard-tech carnival will be held at Zhongguancun No. 1, and the first stores, flagship stores and innovative concept stores will be encouraged to provide discounts and other promotional activities. A series of car themed festival activities and carnival events have been planned to encourage vehicle purchases. Fashionable new Chinese brands and time-honored Beijing brands will be invited to the Chinese Trend Festival to carry out interactive cultural experience events and family entertainment activities. In Children's Fun LIVE Festival, children can take part in interactive entertainment that combines cultural creativity with technology. Finally, to round out the year, key e-commerce platforms, offline retail outlets, and restaurants will hold a series of special activities, such as a New Year Goods Fair, a New Year Products into Communities event, and the publication of a special Chinese New Year's Eve Meals Hot List, to celebrate traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival.

Eating in Haidian

The Eating in Haidian section brings together the solar terms, health, and food in the best possible way with a series of seasonal dish recommendations. The opening ceremony of the 21st Zhongguancun International Food Festival has been scheduled for the end of May or beginning of June along with plans for the release of the 2023 Haidian Late Night Food Map. In June, 100 special brand restaurants which open until after 0:00 at midnight in Haidian District will team up to hold late-night activities. In September and October, promotional activities will be launched  in a wide variety of shopping centers, including the Mixc One Qinghe, Shiji Jinyuan Shopping Mall, Xinzhongguan Shopping Center, Link Shopping Center, and BHG Wanliu Mall.

In July, 100 international restaurants in Haidian District will gather at the 2023 Haidian International Food Carnival, with a special section themed on  the carnival launched on the "HD Food Court" WeChat mini-program. The Haidian District Wedding Banquet Reception Restaurant Food Map will be released in August, around the time of the Qixi Festival (China's traditional Valentine's Day). In November, 100 outstanding local hot pot businesses will launch the Yunshang Hotpot Festival on the "HD Food Court" WeChat mini-program and with group purchase packages, discounts, and vouchers among other promotional activities. Finally, the Fourth Haidian District Hotpot Festival will be held in November 2023.

Smart Haidian

The Smart Haidian section will connect key business districts and enterprises, popularize new concepts and technologies for digital application, and mobilize online platform enterprises such as Meituan, Douyin, and Kuaishou to guide consumption through discounts, subsidies, and special promotions during the Digital Economy Experience Week and the Digital Consumption Festival. During the Haidian Live Streaming Festival, Douyin will join forces with professional operating teams to provide training in live streaming and operating services for various commercial enterprises.

Cultural Haidian

In the Cultural Haidian section, an event themed on "Our Festival - Haidian Cultural and Creative Market" will be organized in business districts, parks, and universities from month to month, with active participation from cultural enterprises with Haidian characteristics, creative design businesses, and intangible cultural heritage inheritors. Between February 25 and March 19, a reptile exhibition, adventure market and other activities will be held on the south side of Huaxi Live·Wukesong Fountain Square. Moreover, the 2023 Asia Digital Art Exhibition has been scheduled for the third quarter of 2023.

Fashionable Haidian

An important part of the Fashionable Haidian section is the 4th Haidian Community Consumption Festival and Quality Life Festival, which will provide convenient services and trendy Chinese-style cultural activities in various neighborhoods throughout Haidian District.

The series of activities planned for the 4th Haidian Community Consumption Festival will employ a "4+2" model. Specifically, four season themed activities, including the Happy Spring Festival, the Midsummer Cultural Festival, the Autumn "Organic" Meeting and the Winter Shopping Carnival, will be held along with two major promotional activities, namely community public welfare classes and Quality Life Festival live streaming sessions. Through these efforts, Haidian District will continue to offer residents good brand services and rich cultural experiences.

Colorful Haidian

The Colorful Haidian section will feature a Haidian Sporting Goods Festival in early August with accompanying promotional activities and take advantage of holidays such as the May Day, the National Day, and weekends from April to October to carry out consumption activities focused on outdoor culture in commercial areas, science and technology parks, and other places where conditions permit. A Farmers' Harvest Festival has been planned for September 23 to promote fresh local produce, agricultural brands and leisure agricultural tourism routes among other things. Between November 2023 and January 2024, winter sport activities will be carried out to celebrate the New Year's Day, the Spring Festival and other festivals.

(Source: Haidian News)