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As one of the six key commodity consumption upgrading projects for building Beijing into an international center for consumption, Chang'an Mills Plaza, part of the Shougang Park Chang'an Mills commercial complex, is set to open and welcome visitors on June 18, 2022. More stores will be open for business one after another during the summer vacation of this year.

With household consumers and "Generation Z" as the targeted consumer group, Chang'an Mills Plaza is characterized by a consumption mode that integrates "consumption experience, exhibition hall and catering services". It will not only deliver high-quality experience to the office workers in the surrounding area as well as the residents and tourists in Beijing, but also become a new internet-famous location in the western part of Beijing as a new consumption landmark.

Situated in the core area on the north side of Shougang Park, Shougang Park Chang'an Mills covers a total floor area of 224,000 square meters with a low floor area ratio of 1.2 and a high green coverage rate of 47.2 percent. It is composed of 11 stand-alone industrial office buildings, 11 stand-alone flagship commercial premises and a shopping mall.

As of now, the first batch of stores to be open for business have completed their interior decoration and the working staff are busy in the preparatory and disinfection work for the official opening. What truly makes Chang'an Mills Plaza stand out is its spacious and diverse terraces, from which, customers can appreciate the surrounding scenic spots including the Xinshougang Bridge, the Big Air Shougang and the Qunming Lake. In addition, the shopping plaza will also become a must-go place for automobile enthusiasts as it is positioned to be the one and only automobile exhibition hall cluster in the western part of Beijing.


Industry-style renovation is another striking characteristic of Shougang Park Chang'an Mills. The sunken plaza on the Plot C was renovated from the sedimentation tank in an old mill building of Shougang Park based on its down-digging structure. The 1919 Avenue on the Plot B and the May Day Theater on the Plot A will be used as the site for various kinds of events. It is worth mentioning that the May Day Theater is set to create an immersive interactive experience mode and future game space that can deeply impress visitors.