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​Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government
2022-02-23  |  

[Overview] Dublin is the capital of Ireland. Situated on the east coast of Ireland, at the mouth of the River Liffey, facing Wales across the Irish Sea, the city covers an area of 115 square kilometers and has a population 1,273,000.

[Politics] Dublin's City Council has 63 members, directly elected by citizens for a term of five years. Every June, the City Council holds an annual meeting to elect the lord mayor and a deputy mayor for a term of one year. Dublin also has a Chief Executive who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the city. The Chief Executive is appointed by the Irish Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government for a term of seven years. Ms. Hazel Chu was elected Lord Mayor of Dublin in June 2020.

[Economy] Dublin is Ireland's largest city as well as economic and financial center. The city's manufacturing, linen and textiles, meat and milk processing, winemaking, flour and other agricultural product industries are large contributors to the country's GDP. In recent years, the city has seen a rapid growth in information and communications technology, aircraft leasing and other industries.

[Science and Technology] Dublin, one of Europe's tech hubs, is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe. With high-quality workforce, competitive tax systems, language advantage, and easy access to European and North American markets, Dublin has attracted a lot of technology companies from around the world. Many famous companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Pfizer, have set up European headquarters or R&D centers in the city. A cluster of high-tech industries has taken shape in Dublin as a result of the continued inflow of overseas high-tech companies and the rise of local companies.

[Culture and Education] Dublin is the cultural and educational center of Ireland. Four of the country's seven public universities are located in the city. Among them, the most famous are Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. Dublin is hailed as the "Capital of Plays" of Europe. It is home to many world-famous writers, poets and playwrights, including Bernard Shaw, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Oscar Wilde, and James Joyce. There are many theaters and monuments in the city.

[Relations with Beijing] On June 2, 2011, Beijing and Dublin officially became sister cities. In September of the same year, they signed a memorandum of cooperation. In recent years, the two cities have maintained good official ties and engaged in productive cooperation in the fields of education, investment, trade, tourism, culture, and urban management.

[Higher Education]: In February 2012, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny attended the signing ceremony for the agreement between Beijing University of Technology and University College Dublin on the establishment of the Beijing-Dublin International College in Beijing. This collaborative education project, as an international collaborative education pilot project of Beijing, has received much attention from all sectors and won many domestic and international education awards.

[Investment and Trade]: The two cities have held many trade promotion activities. Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center, CCPIT Beijing and other agencies of Beijing have signed cooperation agreements with the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Ireland China Business Association and other trade organizations of Dublin.

[Culture]: Beijing has held concerts, photo exhibitions and tourism promotion activities in Dublin many times. Dublin joined the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) established on the initiative of Beijing in 2012 and has since had active interactions with Beijing under the WTCF framework. Since 2016, Dublin has lit local landmarks such as the City Hall and the Mayor's Mansion in Chinese red every year during the Spring Festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Dublin Airport is a sister airport of Beijing Capital International Airport.

[Other Fields]: The two cities have also launched exchanges between civil servants to share each other's urban management experience.