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The Beijing Municipal Government hosted its first large-scale video conference with its sister cities around the world. On top of the meeting's agenda was sharing China's best practices in containing COVID-19. 

Sixty-seven participants from 26 cities in 21 countries participated in the virtual meeting held on Tuesday, including Paris, Madrid, Rio De Janeiro and Jakarta.

They were joined by senior officials and medical experts from the Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Administrative Office of Global Health from Beijing Center of Disease Control, Ditan Hospital, and Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform. 

Chinese experts and officials shared their experience in implementing epidemic prevention policies, medical treatment strategies for COVID-19 patients, and measures to encourage the resumption of commercial business operations.  


Li Yi, Deputy Director-General of Foreign Affairs Office, the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, said they have worked closely with colleagues around the world. [Photo via CGTN]

Li Yi, Deputy Director-General of Foreign Affairs Office for Beijing said they have worked closely with colleagues around the world.

"I believe the practices and experiences adopted by Beijing may be conducive and helpful to our sister cities when they formulate public policies to contain COVID-19. We will continue this kind of video conference at this special time and further push forward cooperation between Beijing and our sister cities," Li Yi added.

The key points shared with sister cities are: 

Strictly prevent imported cases

-All personnel entering Beijing from abroad or other provinces underwent medical observation at home or at designated places

Social distancing

- Extend the Spring Festival holiday

- Avoid mass gatherings

- Postpone the opening of universities, middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens

- Limit passenger load of public transportation

Strengthen community management

- Access cards were issued to residents by community administrators

- Check temperatures of people entering the community, and strengthen the verification and management of guests

Strengthen the detection, management and treatment of cases

- Over 70 fever clinics have been set up to test patients with fevers

- Isolation and treatment of cases at designated hospitals

Preparation and stockpiling of adequate resources

Science-driven measures and guidance for the public

Encourage telecommuting and online learning

Establish a psychological hotline to provide mental health assistance to medical staff and the public