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Photo via Pinggu District Convergence Media Center 

Jingwa Center, also known as Beijing Pinggu National Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Demonstration Zone, is a new-type R&D institution jointly established by Beijing Municipality and Wageningen University & Research of the Netherlands with the aim to promote agricultural tech innovation. Dubbed as the "core engine" for the agricultural industry of Zhongguancun, the center is not only an incubator for agricultural high-tech enterprises, but also a platform for the commercialization of research findings and advanced technological exchanges.


Photo via Pinggu District Convergence Media Center

For the name of the center, "Jing" refers to Beijing, and "wa" is taken from Wageningen University & Research, which is recognized as not only the trailblazing research institute in agriculture and food fields, but also the backbone of the "Food Valley" in Europe. As for Jingwa Center, the meaning of "wa" is extended to cover worldwide agricultural science and technological research system.


Photo via Pinggu District Convergence Media Center

Jingwa Center serves as a bridge for the agricultural innovation between Beijing and the Netherlands' Wageningen University & Research .


Photo via Pinggu District Convergence Media Center

From 2021 to 2026, Jingwa Center will construct three sub-centers based on individualized scientific research pathways - dairy, indoor gardening, and fruit. Additionally, each sub-center will establish a demonstration base and an experimental platform.

(Source: Pinggu District Convergence Media Center)