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I. Exhibition Information

Exhibition Name: 2021 World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference (WICV 2021)

The 9th China International New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Exhibition

Preparation Period: September 22-24, 2021

Exhibition Period: September 25-28, 2021

Location: China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall), Beijing

Organizers: The People's Government of Beijing Municipality

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Ministry of Public Security

Ministry of Transport

China Association for Science and Technology

Co-Organizers: Equipment Industry Development Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology

China Center for Information Industry Development

Shunyi District People's Government of Beijing Municipality

Machinery Sub-Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

China Electrotechnical Society

Exhibition Operations: Beijing Auto Square Exhibition Co., Ltd.

II. Scope of Exhibits

i. Automobiles: Intelligent connected vehicles, new energy vehicles, fuel-efficient automobiles, and other environmentally-friendly vehicles.

ii. Components and Parts

1. Intelligent connected products and technologies

2. Big data, cloud computing, test platforms, and related technologies and products.

3. Battery, motor, electric control, and other core components and advanced technology

4. Energy-saving technologies and products such as advanced internal combustion engines, high-efficiency transmissions, lightweight materials, and vehicle optimization design.

iii. Charging and supporting facilities

Charging piles, chargers, power distribution cabinets, rechargeable batteries and battery management systems, parking charging facilities, intelligent monitors, charging station powered solutions, charging station-smart grid solutions, etc.

iv. New energy vehicle promotion and application cities, intelligent connected vehicle test areas

v. International pavilions and overseas thematic pavilions

vi. Upstream and downstream companies and institutions regarding new generation information communication, intelligent transportation, micro-electronics, artificial intelligence, new materials, and new energy.

III. Booth Reservation

Indoor Raw Space: CNY 1,480/sqm (Minimum booth size: 36 sqm)

Outdoor Raw Space: CNY 800/sqm (Minimum booth size: 36 sqm)

Row Stand: CNY 13,800/each (3m×3m, additional 10% Row Stand fee for corner stand with double opening)

IV. Contact Information

Contacts: Gao Zhensheng and Wang Jinbo

Hotline: +86-10-633362356, 63361929;

+86 17710230710、15001242641


Address: Room 511, Building 1, GTFC Plaza, 9 Guang'an Road, Fengtai District, 100073 Beijing