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Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Association for Science and Technology and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, 2021 ZGC Forum will be held at Beijing on Sept. 24-28th, 2021, with the theme of "Intelligence·Health·Carbon Neutrality". The specific location is in the Exhibition Center of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and its surrounding pavilions.

Forum topics

On the basis of forum conference, technology transaction, exhibition and presentation and achievements publishing and so on, 2021 ZGC Forum, with the theme of "Intelligence·Health·Carbon Neutrality", will add the cutting-edge competition and supporting activities and hold a series of regular activities to further enrich and expand the functions and activities of the forum. The activity sections will further integrate cloud forum, cloud promotion and cloud negotiation, to constantly improve the level of online and offline conferences, science and technology conferences and green conferences.

Six sections

1 Forum meeting

In the forum conference section, the world's top scientists, Nobel Prize winners, Turing Prize winners and Fields Medal winners, representatives of well-known scientific research and academic institutions, leaders of international organizations, world-renowned entrepreneurs and investors will gather at Zhongguancun Forum to conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on hot topics of global common concern, such as digital economy, life and health, clean energy and sustainable development, and explore the frontier trend of science and technology and the direction of industrial development together.

2 Technology trade

In the technology transaction section, Zhongguancun International Technology Trading Fair will be held to attract the world's top universities, leading enterprises, industry organizations, well-known technology transfer institutions and platforms to participate in and exhibit new technologies, new products, new services and new scenarios through a series of activities such as technology transaction, the introduction of new technologies and new products and the connection between supply and demand of application scenarios, and continue to build a "Global Buying, Global Selling" technology transaction event through release and promotion, road show docking, communication and negotiation and other activities.

3 Achievements release

In the achievements publishing section, a batch of major national innovation achievements during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the latest science and technology policies, and international science and technology cooperation plans will be mainly published. Meanwhile, various innovation entities will release a number of major projects, innovative achievements and research reports that highlight innovation, demonstration and leadership.

4 Exhibition and Presentation

In the exhibition and presentation section, China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, as the exhibition section of ZGC Forum, will be held near Zhongguancun Exhibition Center for the first time this year, realizing the in-depth integration of conference and exhibition. China Beijing International High-Tech Expo will face the world cutting-edge technologies, focus on key core technologies and original innovation, highlight artificial intelligence, bio-medicine, science and technology winter Olympics and other industries, exhibit cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and create a "boutique exhibition" of scientific and technological innovation achievements for the world, for micro, medium and small-sized enterprises and start-ups, and linking the capital market.

5 Frontline contest

In the cutting-edge competition, 2021 ZGC International Cutting-edge Technology Innovation Competition will be held. Through the open road show of the competition, excellent entrepreneurial teams and start-ups with international advanced and cutting-edge technologies will be openly selected from all over the world, focusing on 12 key fields such as bio-medicine, artificial intelligence and integrated circuits, so as to inspire young talents to be vigorous in innovation and improve the innovation level of cutting-edge technologies.

6 Supporting events

In the supporting activity section, "Enterprise Theme Day" will be held with Zhongguancun innovative enterprises as the main body, and special activities will be carried out with Beijing elements. Entrepreneur Salon will be held to build a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to deepen exchanges and enhance mutual understanding and mutually beneficial cooperation.