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2020-08-28  |  

Xishiku Church, also known as the North Church, is located on Xishiku Street, Xicheng District. It was originally built at Canchikou in 1693, and was opened in 1703 with the name of Salvation Hall. It was later relocated to Xishiku in 1886. The construction of the church, together with the bishop's office and other ancillary buildings, was officially completed in 1888. Xishiku Church is a combination of Chinese and Western characteristics. The main building of the church is a three-storey Gothic building with a total of 11 minarets at the top. The building layout is cross-shaped and takes up an area of about 2,200 square meters. On both sides of the main entrance of the hall are two Chinese style stele pavilions. Inside the pavilions rests a monument to the relocation of the Catholic Church in the 14th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu (1889) and a monument to the Catholic Church written in Manchu and Chinese.

In 1984, Xishiku Church was listed as a cultural relics protection unit in Beijing. In 1985, the Party's religious policy was fully implemented and the government appropriated a special fund for the renovation of the North Hall. The restoration ceremony was held in the same year and normal religious activities were resumed. In June 2006, it was listed among the sixth group of national key cultural relics protection units. From August 2016 to July 2018, the government appropriated a special fund for cultural relics to fully renovate the North Hall, and it was restored for use on August 11, 2018. Currently, Xishiku Church can accommodate about 2,000 followers participating in religious activities.

The Bishop's Mansion, located in the west courtyard of Xishiku Church, is a national cultural relics protection unit covering an area of 10,544 square meters and a floor space of 6,556 square meters. The style is of modern Chinese architecture and the whole complex is composed of four courtyard buildings. In 2005, the renovation project of the Bishop's Mansion was launched and the repair work was carried out in three phases. The renovations were completed in September 2017. On August 11, 2018, a ceremony for the relocation of the Bishop's Mansion of the Catholic Diocese in Beijing and the opening of the Xishiku Cathedral was held and the church has been in use ever since.