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2020-07-04  |  

Royal Danish Embassy

Chancery: No. 1, Dong Wu Jie, San Li Tun

Tel: +86-10-8532 9900

Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador

Chancery: 2-62, San Li Tun Diplomatic Office Building

Tel: +86-10-8531 9499

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Chancery: No. 2, Ri Tan Dong Lu

Tel: +86-10-6532 1825, +86-10-6532 2541

Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Chancery: No. 2, Dong Si Jie, San Li Tun

Tel: +86-10-6532 3679

Embassy of the State of Eritrea

Chancery: 2-10-1, Ta Yuan Diplomatic Office Building

Tel: +86-10-6532 6534, +86-10-6532 6535

Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Chancery: No. 3, Xiu Shui Nan Jie, Jian Guo Men Wai

Tel: +86-10-6532 5258, +86-10-6532 6350, +86-10-6532 5318, +86-10-6532 7906, +86-10-6532 1242