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2022-04-06  |  

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Economic growth

Based on preliminary accounting, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Beijing

hit RMB 4,026.96 billion in 2021, up by 8.5% over the previous year at constant price. Of which

the added value of the Primary Industry was RMB 11.13 billion with a growth of 2.7%, that of the

Secondary Industry was RMB 726.86 billion with a growth of 23.2% and that of the Tertiary Industry

was RMB 3,288.96 billion with a growth of 5.7%. The ratio of the Primary Industry, the Secondary

Industry and the Tertiary Industry was 0.3:18.0:81.7. Calculated by permanent population, the per capita GDP of Beijing totaled RMB 184 thousands. 

Financial Revenue and Expenditure

In 2021, the general public budgetary revenue amounted to

RMB 593.23 billion, up by 8.1% over the previous year. Of which, value-added tax amounted to

RMB 174.29 billion, up by 5.4%; the corporate income tax amounted to RMB 139.51 billion, up by

18.0%; and the individual income tax reached RMB 74.33 billion, up by 21.5%. The general public

budgetary expenditures of Beijing totaled RMB 720.51 billion, up by 1.2%.

Statistical Communiqué on the National Economy and Social Development of Beijing in 2021